Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – Week 35



I have spent the last couple of days feeling somewhat rougher than I have felt throughout the entire previous 34 weeks of my pregnancy.  I don’t know whether it was an effect of the flu jab I had last week or whether I did actually have some kind of cold or flu, but this weekend was lost under a sea of snotty tissues.  Saturday afternoon in particular resulted in me doing not very much at all apart from sleeping, and my under-the-weather feeling was accompanied in perfect timing by the sudden end-of-pregnancy discomfort.

I am beginning to feel quite heavy and cumbersome now – although much less so than I did with the twins as I try to remind myself.  The end of the day has me feeling quite fidgety and restless.  I am unable to relax or get comfortable now, and round ligament pain has also begun to make me a little sore at times.  My hips get numb quite easily at night times so I’m having to use a pillow to provide extra support to my legs.  Apart from that everything seems fine.

Baby 12 is active – extremely active.  A few of the children enjoy feeling the baby bump and try to work out how baby is lying. It’s so funny to think that there are just over three weeks left now until we meet this little one.

Only three weeks!

Where did that time go?



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  1. I am feeling the same! I have 4 weeks until my due date and the tiredness has suddenly hit me really hard!! Everything is hurting and uncomfortable now and I can’t get comfortable either. Baby is very active and all is well.

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