Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – Week 32



We’re another week closer to meeting our new baby yet still no closer to being ready for it.  We have started planning though, which is something I suppose.

Mike has planned and calculated the materials needed to build the new triple bunk bed for the boys’ room.  I have thought about clearing out and rearranging a couple of drawers for the new baby’s clothes to be stored in.  I don’t think that’s too bad by way of preparation at 32 weeks, is it?  Don’t answer that.

I’m feeling well with nothing out of the ordinary to report.  My midwife visited last week and we went over my blood results which showed, sure enough, that my HB levels are low.  That is par for the course for me during pregnancy so nothing out of the ordinary, but still something which needs to be kept an eye.  It is likely that my blood will be cross-matched before the caesarean section so that in the event of any haemorrhaging occurring I can receive a transfusion quickly if needed.

The baby is laying back to back it seems.  I am getting a lot of movement at the front with lumps and bumps and all sorts sticking out here, there and everywhere.  It still fascinates me and I love watching the tsunami of movement running across my belly.  Given that my belly also produces a tsunami of movement when I am not pregnant, I should clarify that I prefer the harder, more solid movement when there is a baby in there than the jiggly, jelly-like waves of the rest of the time.

The tiredness is beginning to creep in now and the heartburn has hit with such a vengeance that antacids now form a staple part of my diet, but apart from that I can’t really complain at all.  I feel well, baby seems to be doing well and that is all that matters.

I still cannot believe the speed at which this pregnancy has flown by.  It seems so recently since I found out I was expecting once again and now that we have reached the month of October we are counting down to ‘next month’.

‘Our baby is due next month.’

How quickly did that come around?

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