Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – We have a birth date!



Mike and I went along to see my consultant yesterday.

We managed to park up early which normally never happens thanks to queues into the car park backing up the entrance.  For some reason yesterday was different with no traffic and several parking spaces to choose from.  This meant Mike and I had time to stop off in the coffee shop for a cold drink and a cake before going up to the ante-natal clinic. It’s the small things in life that make me happy!

We left the younger children at home under the watchful eye of Ben and Cait, taking the twins along with us.  My consultant was disappointed I hadn’t taken them along last time having not seen them since she delivered them on camera so she was thrilled to see them yesterday.  I’m sure there might have been a faint hint of recognition in their eyes for the first person they saw when they came into the world.  Or maybe not.

Pregnancy-wise everything is going great.  There are no concerns at all to worry about and I’m feeling fine so we quickly got onto arranging a date for the caesarean section.

The original due date was 2nd December but my consultant wanted to deliver me at approximately 38 weeks to try and catch me before I went into labour naturally.  I asked my consultant whether it would be possible for her to deliver the baby again rather than someone else and I think she was quite happy to have been asked.  She said it would have to be a Thursday and immediately called through to her secretary to book the date.

Our baby will be delivered on 22nd November 2012!

Three months today! 



5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Diary: Baby 12 in 2012 – We have a birth date!

  1. I’m so glad all is going well. Exciting that you now have an official date. We quite like November 22nd as well, this year it will be our15th Wedding Anniversary on that date 🙂

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