Well, that is strange!



Sometimes you notice something that was never obvious before and you feel it should have been.

“I’ve just realised something,” Mike told me yesterday.

“If you take the initial from each of the youngest six boys names you have H for Harry, E for Eddie, S for Sid, P for Paddy, O for Oliver and J for Joseph.”


“And if you rearrange them,” he continued triumphantly, “you get the name JOSEPH!

Well, isn’t that strange?!

5 thoughts on “Well, that is strange!

  1. LOL – that gives you a dilemma if number 12 is another boy!!
    Rearrange my kids’ initial letters and you get JAWS – it has been signed on Christmas cards sometimes!!

  2. My kids, if rearranged from birth order become JML (James, Matthew, Liam) as in that number one brand of cleaning and “homeware gadgets” fame that are avaialable to buy in a list of recognisable stores. 🙂

  3. Haha, love it! We have joked around that we are going to give this baby an E name. Added to our others

    Jake, Kyla, Abigail …. re-arranged would spell JAKE haha x

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