When large families get ill



Despite holding onto the thought that spring was on the way it seems we have been severely disappointed with the extended winter we have been experiencing instead.  The weather has been cold, rainy and downright miserable ever since the hosepipe ban came into effect.  Murphy’s Law strikes again.

We had a photoshoot lined up today for something fun.  It has been planned since last year and we were looking forward to it.

I rang Stephanie last night to arrange her train and collection times with her.  “I’ve not been feeling too well today,” she told me.  It is particularly bad timing for her considering it is also her eighteenth birthday tomorrow.  She foresees spending it with a mug of honey and lemon and some cough mixture.  What a way to celebrate, isn’t it?  Not quite how she imagined it would be, I’m sure.

By 9pm Oliver had begun coughing and snuffling in bed.  Oh dear.  This is not good timing.  Not good timing at all.

By the time of writing this post at just before 5am, I have a snuffly twin beside me with the second snorting away in her cot upstairs.  To have poorly children coming down with colds is not good at the best of times in a large family given that if one catches something it’s bound to be passed through the rest of the household.  To be struck down like flies today is really unlucky.

I am hoping nobody else comes downstairs with bleary eyes and red noses and I’m hoping the ones who have already succumbed will bounce back quickly.  In the meantime I anticipate a busy few days of snotty tissues and spoonfuls of medicine several times over.  Illness in a large family is no fun.

As for the photoshoot well, perhaps Snufflebabe and Lemsip might be interested instead?!

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