Looney Tunes prove the classics just keep on going with their Bumper Box of Toons


The older I get the more I tend to reminisce about the things I remember from my ever diminishing youth.  Things like Ringo crisps, vinyl LP’s and The Kids from Fame.

When Warner Bros sent over the Looney Tunes Bumper Box of Toons it instantly took me back to watching the old cartoons on the old remote control-less television that you’d have to hit every now and then to make work.

My excitement wasn’t a patch on Mike’s, whose efforts to begin collecting the Loony Tunes resin figures over ten years ago stopped after the first three when he couldn’t find them any more.  The disappointment at not being able to get his Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd was huge and he’s never been the same since.  So, by way of some kind of recover therapy he’s claimed the box set as his own.  Like kids at Christmas, we were keen to show our own children what the fuss was about.

This fabulous box set comprises ten DVD’s, each based on one of the classic Loony Tunes Characters and containing around ninety minutes of episodes which I will list later on in this.

Cartoons that children are used to nowadays are very different to the ones that their parents grew up with.  Watching our own children go from being unfamiliar with the antics of Road Runner and Speedy Gonzales to quickly becoming engrossed in the fun and humour made me wistful for the days of innocent, imaginative cartoons that they were now being introduced to.

The laughter was infectious and there is an ongoing sibling debate as to which character is better and why.  Even around the breakfast table this morning there was a lot of perseverance in trying to get the baby duck’s voice just right.

For those wanting more information on what the Loony Tunes Bumper Box of Toons contains, here it is:

Disc 1 – Bugs Bunny


Basketball Bugs

Rabbit Seasoning

Long-Haired Hare

High Diving Hare

Bully for Bugs

What’s Up Doc?

Rabbit’s Kin

Water, Water Every Hare

Big House Bunny

Wabbit Twouble

Ballot Box Bunny

Rabbit of Seville


Disc 2 – Daffy Duck


Duck Amuck

Dough for the Do-Do

Drip-Along Daffy

Scaredy Cat

The Duckster

The Scarlet Pimpernickel

Yankee Doodle Daffy

Porky Chops

Wearing of the Grin

Deduce, You Say

Boobs in the Woods

Golden Yeggs

Rabbit Fire

Duck Dodgers in the 24½th Century


Disc 3 – Porky Pig


The Case of the Stuttering Pig

Little Beau Porky

Now that Summer is Gone

Porky in the North Woods

Porky’s Railroad

Cracked Ice

Puss n’Booty

I Got Plenty of Mutton

Booby Hatched

Porky’s Poultry Plant


Disc 4 – Road Runner


Whizzard of Ow

Chariots of Fur

Little Go Beep

Sugar and Spies

Clippety Clobbered

The Solid Tin Coyote

Out and Out Rout

Shot and Bothered

Chaser on the Rocks

Highway Runnery

Boulder Wham!

Hairied and Hurried


Disc 5 – Speedy Gonzales


Cat-tails for Two

Tabasco Road

Tortilla Flaps

Mexicali Schmoes

West of the Pesos

Cannery Woes

The Pied Piper of Guadelupe

Mexican Boarders

Chili Weather

A Message to Gracias

Nuts and Volts

Pancho’s Hideaway

The Wild Chase

A-Haunting We Will Go


Disc 6 – Taz


The Dog The Turtle Story

Like Father, Like Son

Frights of Passage

War and Pieces

Airbourne Airhead

It’s No Picnic

Kee-Wee Ala King


Disc 7 – Tom and Jerry


Barbecue Brawl

Happy Go Ducky

Hic-Cup Pup

Little Quacker


Neapolitan Mouse

Pet Peeve

Pup On A Picnic


Robin Hoodwinked

Guided Mouse-ille

Timid Tabby

The Vanishing Duck

That’s My Mummy


Disc 8 – Tom and Jerry


Tops with Pops

Monster Corn

Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl

Of Feline Bondage

Saturday Evening Puss

The A-Tom-inable Snowman

Surf-Bored Cat

Snowbody Loves Me

Duel Personality

Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?

The Haunted Mouse

Declaration of Independence

Kitty Hawked

Which Witch


Disc 9 – Tweety Pie


Bad Ol’ Putty Tat

All Abir-r-r-d

Room and Bird

Tweet Tweet Tweety

Gift Wrapped

Ain’t She Tweet

A Bird in a Guilty Cage

Snow Business

Tweetie Pie

Kitty Kornered

Baby Bottleneck

Old Glory

The Great Piggy Bank Robbery

Duck Soup to Nuts

Porky in Wackyland


Disc 10 – Wile E. Coyote


Beep Beep

Going! Going! Gosh!

Zipping Along

Stop! Look! And Hasten!

Ready, Steady, Zoom

Guided Muscle

Gee Whiz-z-z

There you Go-Go-Go

Scrambled Aches

Zoom and Bored

Whoa, Be-Gone!

Cheese Chasers

The Dover Boys

Mouse Wreckers

A Bear for Punishment


This offering by Warner Home Video proves that you can’t beat the classics.  This timeless DVD collection provides all round fun and entertainment that the whole family will love.

Looney Tunes Big Faces Box Set is available from Amazon now. It’s the perfect treat for new fans and seasoned Loony Tunes collectors alike!



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