Which are the best value cloth nappies?



Here is another post in a series from Lizzie of Lizzie’s Real Nappies.  This week Lizzie talks about getting the best value for your money.

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We’re often asked about which are the best value nappies on the market.

Until quite recently terry squares were regarded as the cheapest option for nappying your baby, costing around £150 for 20 nappies and all the necessary waterproof wraps. In recent years, however, a number of new brands have come to the market which can, not only work out cheaper, but are also considerably easier to use.

The EasyPeasy Range is a good example. These are easier to use and often give a better fit than terry squares. Containment is excellent and you’ll get far fewer leaks from these than disposables. The Easy Peasy Bumble will fit from around 10lbs right up to potty training and they cost £8.00 each. If using them full time you’ll need around 16-18 nappies, so, including the 3 sizes of wraps, you’ll be looking at around £230.

If you’re after something really easy to use I’d recommend you take a look at the Econobum and the FLIP nappies. Two Econobum Starter Kits will give you a total of 6 birth-to-potty covers and 24 prefold nappies. This will cost a total of just £90. FLIP nappies (a very popular range) will cost around £125 for 3 days packs (giving you 6 covers and 18 quick-drying pads). I’d argue that the FLIP and Econobum don’t give such good containment as the Easy Peasy range but they are very easy to use (and won’t leak any more often than disposables!)

Accessories such as nappy bucket, nappy liners and Nappi Nippas can add another £25 or so (and you must keep in mind the costs of laundering your nappies), but all in all you’re looking at quite significant savings compared to disposable nappies – which cost around £700 PER BABY.



One thought on “Which are the best value cloth nappies?

  1. I have some motherease one size nappies and they are currently on the bottoms of my 4th and 5th babies. They are totally bomb proof and asside from some addition covers as i have two in cloth at the same time I havent needed to buy anything extra and they are still going strong on their 4th little person.
    That a grand total of 5 years of constant use and they are as good as the day i bought them.
    I predict that i have saved around £2500 so far by using these instead of disposables, however i have just purchased some boosters for night times in bamboo only because i am to lazy to change in the night just for a wet nappy so the bamboo makes them last for 12 hours- till baby girl gets up!

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