Free Skinny Me 2012 – Week 3


Having done so badly on this diet for the last few weeks, I decided to make a concerted effort to start doing it properly and start losing weight.  There is nothing like seeing your huge self on television to make you realise how terrible you have allowed yourself to become.

My efforts have worked.  The scales show a tremendous 7lbs weight loss.  I’m under no illusions though and know that it’s all likely to be water retention.  Still, once that has been dealt with it’s time to start chiselling away at the fat.

Mike and I were talking about exercise last night.  I was toying with the idea of rejoining the local gym but paying out £30 plus the hassle didn’t appeal to me to spend an hour a few times a week with a bunch of posers.  I’d like to go swimming.  I love swimming.  But I’m too embarrassed by the state of my body in a swimming costume and don’t want to go until I lose some weight first .  I would love to get a cross trainer but don’t know that we really have the space for it but something like that would be handy to jump onto when I have a spare few minutes rather than a block of time.

I don’t know.

I need to do something, but what?

2012 Week 3’s result: Lost 7lbs

Current weight: 11 st 13lbs (167lbs)

Mini goal: To lose 19lbs by week 18

Starting weight: 12st 8lbs

Goal weight: 8st 11lbs (123lbs)

Total to lose: 50lbs

Total lost to date: 9lbs

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5 thoughts on “Free Skinny Me 2012 – Week 3

  1. Awesome effort Tania! Don’t forget that you were PREGNANT WITH TWINS when that was filmed! I swear by a rowing machine. The beauty of it is that you can do 10 minute bursts and it’s just as good for you. It does take up a bit of room, but you can normally stand them up to store them. It’s a full body workout and cardio as well.

  2. I think that is a great effort! keep up the good work…
    In my experience a mixture of cardio and toning exercises like yoga or pilates is good so buying one machine would be a bit limiting and harder to stick to.. I agree, forking out for a gym membership can be a pain although it gives the motivation to get your money’s worth! You can usually try before you buy – I have done some pay as you go classes at some gyms and local halls which gets me out of the house away from the madness of family life and can be pretty sociable too, without being tied into a membership.
    I would recommend.getting a DVD if home workouts are your thing – the Davina ones are great for toning and maybe something fun like a trampoline for your cardio? I’d say doing 10 minute bursts on something like a rowing machine like Lisa suggests, doesn’t give your body time to warm up and start burning fat properly, 10 minutes should be a slow warm up so you don’t pull anything during your work out!
    I love jumping on the trampoline I got for the kids last summer and I bought some inexpensive wrist and ankle weights to get a few more calories burnt! Hope that helps – Good Luck with everything!

    1. I did the gym thing before and though I liked going it was only when I had one small baby and it was a huge effort to get there at the end of the day. My problem is limited chunks of time. I do have the Wii which worked fantastically last time, but again I need a great chunk of time, like you say, for warming up, cooling down and doing the actual workout. I thought if I had something like an elliptical or something it would be permanently set up, so saving time, so I could jump on in 15 minute bursts. It’s not ideal, I know, but it’s better than nothing. It’s either that or getting up at 4am rather than the 5am start I already have, and I really don’t want to be doing that!

  3. Well Done Tania!
    The only way I have managed to shift the twin weight this time is doing the bootcamps. I still have a very long way to go as I put on five stone, and my age means everything is going against me this time round, sadly.
    I too have the same time constraints, thats why the new bootcamp at 6.30 am for me is ideal.If they did one at 9-10 pm this would be fab too!
    I am finding it hard to just diet as I am running around a lot and need food!
    We are averging much the same weight, so lets see how we get on.

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