Do you have a dream?


I expect most people have a dream.

At least one dream.

I would imagine that everybody has some kind of an ambition or a wish.  Without our dreams and aspirations how can we ever strive for anything.  How can we ever move on from where we are if we don’t have a wish to fulfil?

We have two (apart from good health and happiness).

The first dream is to take the children on a road trip around Italy.  We are hoping to be able to do this next year.  We are hoping to pack up the minibus, and journey around the beautiful country over a month or so.

The second is this.

Mike and I have for years talked about buying a huge field, preferably with a house on it, and building him a workshop and buying animals and growing food and living as self-reliably as possible.  Internet is a must otherwise work is out for me, but apart from that, that’s it.

This has been our dream for many years.

Many, many years.

We even found the perfect place but with things the way they are it became apparent that now is not our time.

And if we ever managed to achieve it I promise I’ll update you daily and you can follow us – mud and all.

We hope we’ll get there some day.  Until then it will continue to be our dream.

Do you have a dream?

Or even better, did you have a dream and make it a reality?

I’d love to hear.




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11 thoughts on “Do you have a dream?

  1. My dream is rather similar to yours but I would be adding an adopted child with special needs to the mix. I would love the house the land so much. X

  2. What great dreams you have! I hope you make them both come true. The road trip around Italy would be amazing! It’s always been a place I’d love to visit! I also love your dream about buying a field with a house in it. Would it be an old farm house you’re after? I’d love a farm house or a country cottage 🙂

    My husband made his dream come true. After the company he’d worked at for 11yrs went into administration and he was made redundant he wanted to set up on his own. However he was unsure slightly and when he was offered a job just 13days after redundancy he took it just to provide for us. He didn’t particularly like this new company and so it gave him the push he needed. 6 months later he quit his job! Left on the Friday & had his own company start on the Monday with clients and work straight away!!

    The dream now is to expand his business into America. His brother lives out there and he wants to be closed to him. So that’s the next step we’re looking into!

    For dream is to become an entrepreneur. I need to work out in what exactly (all the brag ideas seem to be taken). But I hope to get there one day!!

    1. Well done to your husband. Funnily enough, I know a lot of people whose redundancies have ended up turning their lives around for the better, including my own. I hope you’ll be able to realise your own dream too. Keep thinking and one day the inspiration will come, I’m sure!

  3. I don’t want to move on from where I am – I’m quite happy already thanks LOL! It’s not so much “living a dream” as just ending up where we wanted to be. We have the big old house, some land, and soon lots more land nearby, but to be honest, only one of my kids behaves the way I hoped and expected (based on my own childhood) and she’s only 6, so might grow out of it! I guess the remaining “dream” part is for hubby’s work stuff to get itself profitable … oh, and we did the family holiday to Canada in 2010, which I’d been waiting a lifetime for, so I guess that counts as having made the dream come true!

  4. Dreams, ah I know about them.

    Well setting up my own photography business was one that came true 🙂 Now the second phase of the dream is to make it the day job and not a side business.

    Travelling with the children is something Helen and I would love to do. We’ve talked about touring Europe in an RV, but we LOVE Italy and could see us spending much of the time there. I (not too sure about Helen) would love, love, love to take a 4×4 from South Africa all the way up through the whole continent and cross from Marocco to Spain then up back home to Yorkshire. I saw a documentary about a couple that did that with their children and I fell in love with the idea.

  5. Ahh yes, I know about dreams! About the ones that come true and the ones which are put on the shelf.

    One of those dreams that have come true is us owning our own business and my husband working from home. My husband is a professional chef, so we own a catering business ( and we remodeled our large living room (16′ x 21′) into the commercial kitchen. We do weddings, business lunches/suppers, and we have the 2012 contract for the counties “meal on wheels” for the elderly and those home-bound.

    One of the dreams that has been put on the shelf is owning a large piece of land outside of the city (which is less then 2,000 people, so it’s not that large). I would LOVE to own a hobby farm! But this is something I have learned to be content to lay aside. The Lord has His reasons.

    Another dream that I have no idea about is being commissioned to make quilts for people. I enjoy making them and would love to contribute to our income, even if it’s a little bit here and there (not to mention the fact that it would give me a wonderful reason to make more quilts! *wink*).

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