Couple celebrates the birth of their 100th grandchild



I often wonder what things will be like in the future when we have a grandchild or two running around.  An often-had conversation runs along the lines of “I wonder how many grandchildren we’ll have?”.

20 would be quite possible, I think, but how about 100?

Viktor and Aneta Urich from Alberta, Canada, recently celebrated the birth of their 100th grandchild.

The couple are both in their early 60’s and the newest addition to their family was born to their eldest son, Heinrich, who is their fifth child of a total of sixteen.  Henry, as they have named the baby, is Heinrich’s ninth child born to him and his wife, Tatjana.

With so many members to the family now,  they say that it’s getting difficult to get them all together in once place at any one time.  They do make an effort to gather everyone twice a year on each of the grandparent’s birthdays.

You can only imagine the fun that would be!

Read more about Viktor and Aneta Urich and their 100th grandchild here. 


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