The Polar Express – Review


Christmas is coming, it’s cold outside and it’s time to curl up in front of the television to watch a family film.  There is no better film to choose at this time of year than The Polar Express.

This film tells the story of an un-named boy who doubts Santa’s existence.  It is Christmas Eve and he is woken from his sleep with the noisy arrival of The Polar Express which pulls up outside his home.  Uncertain, the boy decides to board the train and befriends a kindly girl.  As their journey continues they befriend another young boy who has never known the joy of Christmas.  Together, the three of them embark on a magical, thrilling ride to reach the North Pole and find Santa Claus.

The Polar Express is directed by Robert Zemeckis who has given a whole new meaning to animated films.  Indeed, the animations here are so lifelike and realistic that you are swept away into the story, mesmerising even the youngest viewers.

Tom Hanks is the voice of several of the characters in the movie and delivers an excellent performance as always.  The story brings forth courage, determination, perseverance and compassion through the rollercoaster ride of your life, delivering a final message at the end for everyone, both young and old.

The Polar Express is definitely the must-see film of the season, appealing to viewers of all ages and walks of life and certainly will be a classic years to come.



Can you hear the sleigh bells ?

The Polar Express is available from Amazon now and we would strongly recommend you getting it!




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