The first two weeks with twins

It is hard to believe that the twins are two weeks old today.  In one way it seems like only yesterday that they were born yet in another way it seems like they’ve been part of the family forever.

No matter which way I look at it, I can’t imagine a second without them.

It seems we’ve been blessed with two very laid back babies.  Libby, the older, darker and bigger of the two is a little more vocal with her younger and smaller sister seeming to be more placid.  Both are undemanding and settle quickly.  (Please Lord, don’t let me have jinxed it by writing about it!).  

They don’t seem to understand that with seven older brothers their chances of doing stuff like going out, dating and marrying are probably well off the cards so they may as well not bother day dreaming about it…

Here is one of the older brothers in question.  Joseph seemed so small.  Now he looks like an elephant baby in comparison to the twins.  He hasn’t been fazed by their arrival at all.  He was curious when he first met them, leaning in for a closer look and then backing off quickly when they moved.  I think he thought they were dolls!  Now he ignores them.  We’ll he is 12 months older than them and far too cool to hang out with his little sisters. 

The others battle over who the twins love most.  Paddy seems to think by making himself known to them at every waking moment he’ll be in the lead…

It doesn’t matter what is going on or what they are doing…

… no moment is too small to gatecrash…
… I’m enjoying cuddles…

… and so is Daddy…

All in all I’d say the first two weeks have been fun getting to know our newest family members.  I think these two would agree…
(No surprise to see Paddy in shot again!)

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2 thoughts on “The first two weeks with twins

  1. They are so beautiful! So glad everyone is settling in well. :o)
    I love the first picture. It looks like they are telling each other secrets.
    Enjoy those babies , they never seem to stay little long enough, do they?

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