How waiting for new babies affects young children

Every couple of months or so the boys go to the barber for their hair cut.  Now is about the right time for them to be going.  Their fringes should be somewhere down by their eyebrows by now.

Sid’s fringe isn’t…

Or at least, half of Sid’s fringe isn’t.

Apparently, his hair “came loose”.

A third of the way down.

It just “came loose and fell out”.

It must be the stress of waiting for a couple of new siblings.  Because you can see the stress on his face, can’t you?

I don’t suppose it has anything to do with his own actions.

With scissors.

Does it?

And apparently this “loose hair” phenomenon seems to be quite common amongst young children, or so I’ve heard.

Has your child suffered?

Please do share, either in the comments below or linking to a post on your own blog*.  Photos are optional**.

* Stories will be dealt with sympathetically.
** Or maybe not.


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7 thoughts on “How waiting for new babies affects young children

  1. Giggle at the explanation – Sofia's had it, but she didn't make any original claims to where her hair had gone, just asserted that she wanted to be a hairdresser, having been there a few days earlier and added to the trim by chopping the side off her hair so she had to go again!
    Does seem quite a common hazard for young kids – there's been a fair few at school over the last year or two!

  2. My sister was a peculiar case for this. While most children will cut their own hair once in their lives, my sister seemed to do it every 3 months!

    I remember at least 3 incidents clearly, I believe there were more though.

    Me? I satisfied my need to use the scissors on something real by taking snips out of my clothes once in awhile

  3. My sister was the same way abba12! She trimmed her bangs back to the scalp more than once. Funny, but this is not something we've had to deal with very often. (8 kids in the house) The youngest trimmed the bangs of his little niece recently. I guess that makes my kids smarter that they are giving haircuts to someone else and not themselves????? 🙂


  4. Yep! While girls seem to have a greater need to cut hair than boys, my oldest son took a turn at playing on barber…not him self mind you, but on his sisters! It only happened once!

  5. My daughter did that or rather she asked her 5 year old sister to cut her hair for her, so it was a joint effort. The same daughter (one with hair cut) has recently cut up her new bedsheet, her doll's hair, her stuffed monkey's fur, and she was caught with scissors trying to cut the couch. You would think the disappearance of all things sharp would be a good idea right now, but as we have 8 children and homeschool that is just not going to happen. I'll hold off on buying new couches.

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