Growing up, not growing old

Every year, or actually several times a year, we carry out a financial overview where we double check our budget, our income and outgoings and make sure we’re getting the most our of our money.  Budgeting should be a must in anybody’s life but with a large family we need to be careful and aware of our finances.
The first twenty or thirty years of my life I believed myself to be invincible.  Well, perhaps not invincible, given the fuss I make over catching a cold, but immortal certainly.  Isn’t that true of most teens and twenty somethings?
By the time I was into my thirties, I started getting a niggling feeling that I might, just might, not be around forever.
This year, at *coughty-splutter* years old, I thought maybe it was about time to consider my family if anything should happen to me.
Part of this years financial overview was to sit down and work out things like wills and life insurance.  They were things we had been putting off until another day.  There is always tomorrow, after all.  But then, what if there isn’t?  Where would that leave Mike?  Where would it leave our children?  We are a team but what if something happened and half the team wasn’t around any more?
It didn’t make sense to make sure the car was insured, the house was insured, and everything we owned was insured but we, probably the most valuable things of all, were not.  So we finally sorted ourselves out and for less than the cost of a newspaper and chocolate bar each a day we’ve ensured that should anything happen to us, we’ve put plans into place to help our family should they need it.  It hasn’t broken the bank and it’s given us great peace of mind
It is easy to put something like this off.  It isn’t a nice thing to have to think about and something most of us prefer to ignore.  But it’s quick, easy to do and won’t break the bank.  Isn’t it worth the peace of mind?
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  1. We've just come to this point. The only problem we have is that we can only insure the hubby. Due to my Ill health my premiums are more than we can afford.

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