I think I’ve decided on the names

“I will pick up the hook.
 You will see something new. 
Two things. And I call them 
Thing One and Thing Two.”

And thought that surely no child would resent being called “Thing”.  Especially when you can get personalised Thing 1 and Thing 2 T-Shirts

Not content with the amount of therapy the twins would already need in their teenage years, I continued to Suessland to check out their babywear.
At least they would have warm heads and warm feet….

But I’ll admit it now, if they had these in a newborn size they would SO be their hospital going home outfits!

I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.  Would they?


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3 thoughts on “I think I’ve decided on the names

  1. I love that. We have been calling our kids Thing 1, Thing 2, Thing 3, and Thing 4, starting when our second was born. =) They don't mind. <3

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