A downside to having a large family

I normally try and write about the good side of having a large family.  The fact that there’s always something to do, someone to talk to and a great mix of characters within one house.  That’s all good.

However, there is a downside that became very apparent this week.

We have run out of baby names. 

We are expecting twins, each of whom will need at least one name.  We also give middle names.  That means we need to find four names for each gender.  We don’t know what sex the babies will be so we have to be prepared with names for each scenario.  Eight names.

In this family we are heavy on the boys.  There are seven boys, all with first and middle names.  That is fourteen boys names already used up.  Plus dad.  Fifteen names (no middle name for him).

Choosing girls names isn’t a big problem.  We are pretty much decided, I think, on what we would call one or both if they are girls.  We are one middle name short but trying to think of one name isn’t too bad.

The boys names, though.  Ugh, that is a whole other story.  I am twenty six weeks into this pregnancy tomorrow and we are still no further along in picking a name.

It wouldn’t be so bad if it were one or two names we were struggling to find, but it is all four boys names that we need, and given that, after six boys in a row, I think it’s likely for the male chromosome to be present once (or in this case, twice) again, I feel the pressure is on.

The babies could be here within the next couple of months and they would be nameless.  We would have to number them or something.  And then everyone would accuse us of copying the Beckhams.  I would not be happy about that.

We need help.

We need four boys names please.  Traditional names.  Nothing… um…”fashionable”.  Just traditional.  Like your grandad would have had.

And just to make it easier for you here are the names we already have for the boys in the family so far:

Ben Constantine (middle name after my grandfather who was obviously not English)
Harry Andrew
Edward James
Sidney Albert
Patrick William
Oliver George 
and finally
Joseph Gerard

This doesn’t seem to leave us very much.  Suggestions would be welcome and very much appreciated.


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19 thoughts on “A downside to having a large family

  1. We adore the names Ryan, Owen, Kindred, Kenneth, Thomas, and Victor. Also Warren, Ian, William, and Victor. LOL. I have a list a mile long. For us, it's not finding a name, it's narrowing it down!!

  2. Here's a list of my favourite boy names


    More Modern

    I'm sure I can think of more lol

  3. Traditional names used recently by parents in my antenatal classes:


    Good luck!

  4. Here are some of my family names:
    John Charles
    Galen Price
    Cleveland Anders
    Charles Bryant
    Ian Michael
    Leo Price

    (obviously I don't know some of my family member's middle names, but you could mix and match. lol)
    ~Sara~ (babyholic)

  5. I don't think you have enough Irish names in your mix so far. I'd like to see something out of Sean, Declan, Malachy, Kevin, Seamus, Finn …
    No Charles, Phillip, James or Timothy in there yet…

  6. Nathaniel, Adam, William, John, Dylan, Leslie, James, Jason, Aaron, Jordan, Mark, Danny. Just a few I considered, and some I used for my 3 boys. Following your pregnancy journey has been making me very broody! lol.
    Sal. X

  7. My 11 year old says name a boy after him – Ciaran John!! My 15 year old says if it's twin boys, you should go the Fred and George route, especially if they're gingers!

    Ciaran's first suggestion was Matthew however and he likes Alexander as well. Thomas is always nice. Then there's Nicholas and David.

    I'm a fan of the Celtic names as well. If I was to have another girl, I would be keen on Aerin Elisabeth. For another boy I'd probably go Ronan or Rowan/ Rohan, but I love Declan and Dylan too.

    The baby name game is the best ever!!!

  8. Oh, after seom facetious suggestions about Nonus and Decius, we've also come up with Daniel and Jonathan. We also had suggestions for Henry, Stephen and Simon.

  9. OK, so should have waited before I posted the last two responses, because now we've come up with Mark, Percy and Toby or Tobias. And no, we're not really working our way through the tank engines 🙂

  10. Some of the traditional boys names when pregnant.
    Stanley, Albert, Freddie, Alfred (Alfie), Archie,

    My son is Jake Paul and I have an angel called Luka xx

  11. Ok, thought I would list the boys/men in my family too??

    Paul John, David James, John Bernard, Bernard Alfred (they're on husbands side…can u see the theme? Lol)

    On my side boys/men are;
    Joshua, Jamie, Daniel, Stephen, Dominic, Frederick, Percy, Edward, Michael (Mikey), Mark, Gareth, Bradley, Harry, Samuel, James, Richard, Clifford & John

  12. Well, we are a little more estrogen heavy than you, but our two boys have very traditional names, thanks to my Scottish husband. He has enjoyed finding familial names for all our children, and our boys are: Simon John and James Robert.

    I've always had a harder time deciding on the boys' names rather than the girls, but when girl #4 was born we did have a hard time finding just the right name. I felt like all my favorites had been used up!

    Good luck to you!

  13. I didn't read through the above suggestions, but what about Matthew (meaning "Gift of God") or Mathias? I always try to focus on the meaning of the name when I'm picking!

  14. We really love the names Nolan, Carter and Glenn for boys. I hope some of the help you receive puts your mind to rest about names. There are so many things to stress about maybe all this help will put your mind to rest about this one thing. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers. Take Care and God Bless

  15. I have always loved the names Julian and Jeremy and Jory although I know Jory isn't actually traditional. Olivier has been a favorite but I see you have used that already. Alister and Nigel are pretty cool too.

  16. Boys I have…Travis Blake, Jason Elijah, Donald James, Charles Glen, Robert Glen, Charles David, Tyler Michael. Boy names still on my list…Matthew James, Cody Allen, Brandon David, Jonathan Allen, Benjamin Allen (or James), Daniel Joseph, Andrew, David Michael. I dream of twin boys: Jonathan and Benjamin or Andrew and Matthew.


  17. Wesley William.
    William Scott

    – two options (but not one for each twin, should they each be boys as it would be way too confusing). I feel for your difficulty. My son left the hospital nameless.

    by His grace alone, HveHope

  18. Caleb, Alexander, William
    we had two kids whose names started with D and C and when our twin boys arrived we had already decided on Alex but when his brother arrived he was
    a Ben which meant we ended up with ABC & D. they also ended up with 2 middle names. as the Grandfathers name wouldn’t be split.

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