BBC South East News interviewed us yesterday

So if you’re curious to see who we are you can see for yourself. I’m not sure how long this will be online for – if it’s for a limited time or will be available for a longer period.

Either way, click here to see the interview with Larger Family Life on BBC South East News (but be quick in case you miss it!)


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5 thoughts on “BBC South East News interviewed us yesterday

  1. What a lovely interview! There were six of us kids growing up and Mum had a mini bus very similar to yours! I loved being part of a large family…was ace growing up with so many siblings.

  2. It says the one from the 23rd is inaccessable online, and I can't find one for the 22nd, so I guess we can't watch it now 🙁 Thats a shame

  3. @The syders: My children say they love having brothers and sisters around them. The only thing is they don't feel we have a big family… it's normal to them! So when people ask they begin by looking puzzled!


  4. @trooppetrie: I think it was only accessible to view from the UK. It's down now anyway but BBC South East said it would be available on their FB page from Monday. Again, I'm not sure if you'd be able to view it worldwide though.

    The interview was really just about having a large family. There seems to be growing curiosity as to the logistics.

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