Family reunions and photoshoots

On Saturday I wrote a post about how I was looking forward to having the oldest two over for the day. We have seen them when we’ve travelled over to visit them but to have them both back here was a long awaited event that we’ve waited too long to achieve.  I was excited about having all my children here, in the family home, together.

It was an opportunity for lots of photos to be taken.  One lot were taken by a professional who was over to do a magazine photoshoot for a magazine feature we’re going to be in.  Another lot were a far less professional set taken by me.

We began with the professional shoot and by the time we were done a few hours later the younger boys (and Stephanie) were full of energy that needed to burn off fast.  We dealt with them in order of necessity and the most hyper child (Stephanie) got to have a “Just Dance” competition on the Wii with her younger yet taller sister.

The boys were rather more reserved and quiet than Stephanie.  I couldn’t resist this picture of my oldest and youngest (for now) babies.  It seems like yesterday that Ben, the oldest, was the size of Joseph.

And a long awaited family photo of all the children together.  You have no idea how I feel to finally have this picture.  I can’t stop looking at it.  It melts my heart…

I do have to confess though, that this last picture isn’t all it seems.  Come back tomorrow for the full story on it!


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