Twin Pregnancy Diary – 22 weeks 2 days


Twin Pregnancy 22 weeks

After last weeks wondering and worrying over the ultrasounds I have enjoyed being able to relax a little (well, quite a lot more) and look forward to the rest of this pregnancy.

My concerns now exist of the non-important-in-the-long-run-things such as, how will I be able to cut my toe-nails and how big can my belly possibly stretch without bursting? Like I said, non-important-in-the-long-run-things yet things which a pregnancy woman, be it with multiples or a singleton, still takes the time to ponder upon.

My weight gain so far is 32lbs.  That is not a good thing, I am sure. I can’t figure out why I have gained so much, so soon.  On the other hand I discovered last night that the twins must have a love of all things Haagen Dazs as they were jumping about each time I sent down another mouthful of the Strawberry Cheesecake flavour.  Comment not, dear readers.

Regarding weight gain in twin pregnancy, I can’t find a definitive answer.  Everywhere I look seems to be advising something slightly different but the most general rule of thumb I can find is that you should be gaining on average a pound a week for a twin pregnancy.  As you can see, I am way ahead of this.  I haven’t yet measured around my belly. I think one smack in the face from the reality fairy a week is enough to deal with.

According to the Babycentre App the babies measure approximately 28cm from head to foot and weigh almost half a kilo each.  Their eyebrows, eyes and lips are also now more distinct.

Our main game during this pregnancy has been, “Guess the sex of the babies”.  We didn’t find out and we aren’t planning to find out during the future ultrasounds either, but we do like to play the game.  Soon we’ll be drawing up our chart and registering our guesses.  The boys want a boy and the girls want a girl in there.  They’ll both compromise with one of each but while the boys are willing to accept one younger sister, the thought of two at once is too much for them.

Will we end up continuing our run of boys, making it a total of nine, eight of which will have been born in eight years?  Or will we finally have a girl who would be the first in twelve years?  Would two girls arrive together, like buses?  Or will they be one of each to keep everybody happy?


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4 thoughts on “Twin Pregnancy Diary – 22 weeks 2 days

  1. Hmmmm… I vote that you wont have two boys, undecided whether it's two girls or one of each yet though.

  2. Multiple pregnancy weight gain from everything I've read should be 16-25kg depending on your starting weight. In pounds, that's 33-55lbs. However, if you were slim to begin with, you should have a higher gain I've heard. I only gained 30lbs but I am tall and sturdy to start with so that was about right, and I also only had small gains with my singleton pregnancies (about 15lbs with each). So I gained just double with the twins. Maybe use that as a rule of thumb? About twice the gain you normally have?

  3. hmmm that is hard to chose. I love to know and would even buy the gender test at 10 weeks now that you can. i am so glad you are doing well. i would not worry about the weight. you will be busy after baby(s) and it will fall off

  4. I am guessing one of each! That's what I am guessing for me as well…all tho girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice, including Haagen Daz, lol, they say the girls crave sweets, with my daughter I loved all things strawberry, and why oh why did you have to say strawberry cheese cake flavor?! Sigh!!!
    Your belly is looking great, I say you have no worries and two healthy and happy babies in there 😉

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