Age, sonograms and worry

We’re heading off in a couple of hours for the 20 week scan. Yes, I know I’m further towards 22 weeks but generally it’s known as the 20 week scan as between 20 to around 23 weeks is the time that the hospitals can check the babies for any anomalies.

I always get very nervous with this one. Second only to a scheduled induction or elective caesarean or occasions where I have time to think and ponder on every worst case scenario, I find this the most stressful and worrying time of my pregnancy.

I’ve mentioned before how I yearn for the naivety of my first pregnancy where this scan meant only a chance to see my baby and find out the gender. It seems the older I’ve got and the more pregnancies I have been through the more I have learnt about the dark side and this dark side always overshadows me at this time.

This isn’t a very upbeat post, I know, but I want to share all my feelings be they about my joy, my anxiety or my constipation.

I’m going to get myself ready now and wait for the small people to join me in a while before we head on out.  I will report back here tomorrow but I’ll also keep you updated on the Larger Family Life Facebook page and Twitter (my Twitter handle is @largerfamily) later today.

In the meantime, if you could spare a thought or a prayer for all to be well and for my stress levels to stay within an acceptable range I would very much appreciate it.


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2 thoughts on “Age, sonograms and worry

  1. I share your anxiety there, the more pregnancies I have the more I worry.I know I have cause to worry, but I hit a 1/37,000 stat!
    I am sooo glad things went well.
    it takes soo long with a twin scan I found it doubly anxious!

  2. Hi there,
    I remember those days when i was pregnant with my twins….

    hang in there…God usually works things out=)

    thanks for sharing…

    Mom of 6+ =)

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