When does a hobby not feel like a hobby?

When it’s a chore.

I like to cook. 

But I don’t necessarily feel inspired when I have to cook a meal every night, 365 nights a year.  Sometimes I get bored.

I like to read.

But I don’t like to read thrillers, romance novels or glossy celeb magazines.

I like to blog.

But it doesn’t mean I can always think of stuff worth writing or that you’d want to read.

I like to sew.

But it doesn’t necessarily mean that when each boy comes home from Beavers or Cubs with a stack of these…

…. that I want to be sorting through a stack of these…

… and spending the next hour painstakingly trying to get them in the right places on the jumper that they’re going to outgrow in a few months.
And when you have six boys in a row who will all at some point be bringing a stack each home, you consider that it might be time to perhaps take up a different hobby.


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