Subtle changes

This week has been beautiful so far. We had such glorious sunshine that it made me leave my procrastination station and got me out in the garden for a while.

After I’d eased myself into pottering mode with a coffee Mike asked me if I was planning on doing any planting.

“Could do,” I shrugged, non-committally.

At which point Cait walked in as if right on cue with a handful of bills, junk mail, a car tax renewal and a box of geranium plugs from Thompson and Morgan.

And the “Could do,” changed to “Will do.”

So I set to planting them up, along with Calendula and Salpiglossis which I had already started, and two different varieties of zinnia which I hadn’t started off but sowed directly into pots at the last minute.

You see, there isn’t very much of the garden which I can protect from the children and the chickens.  That is children and chickens in no particular order.  I think we have equal quantities of both, unless I’ve miscounted the chickens.  Or the children.

Anyway, I yearn for a tiny part of our war-torn-country like garden to look pretty and productive and just, well, pretty. 

And the only way I think I can do it is by planting in containers.  So that’s what I did. Or at least that’s what I’ve tried to do.  Whether it will be a successful venture is something which remains to be seen.

In the meantime I took a closer look at what was showing signs of success.

Tiny little plums (plumlets?) were trying to hide…

The teeny little apples were less shy…

The container grown salads and lettuce leaves were now growing in abundance…

And the strawberries were starting to redden up nicely…

And in front of a backdrop of a clear, blue sky were the elderflowers out in their full glory…

Subtle changes to only a couple of weeks ago but what promise they show.


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