To-do lists and procrastination don’t go

When I found out I was having twins it gave me the incentive to make plans to do all the jobs I’d been putting off.  My aim was to do them before I got too big, too uncomfortable or too lazy.

While I’m not as big as I will be in a few more weeks and not yet uncomfortable to the point where I’m constantly moving about trying to ease the pressure from, oh well, from everywhere, I have to admit that presently I am really, really lazy.

I’m finding it hard getting the energy to do the every day jobs that need to be done. Five loads of laundry to be washed, hung or thrown into the dryer, folded (I only iron if necessary – i.e church clothes is about it) and put away, hoovering twice a day, cleaning bathrooms etc.  The usual every day chores.

Plus homeschooling.

Throwing food at the kids is another must do job.  They even want three meals a day.

Who knew?

I haven’t even pottered in the garden this week.

I’m unmotivated to do the day to day jobs.

Let alone the to-do list.  The cleaning out the kitchen cupboards, the re-arranging the bedroom drawers, the sorting out of clothes, the cleaning the oven.

All stuff I don’t want to do.

I don’t want to do it right now.  It’s not likely I’m going to want to do it in a few weeks either.  I know it will be better to do it all now, before I’m too big and before I’m too uncomfortable and before I become even more lazy.  Yes, I still think a deeper slump into slothdom is possible.

Instead I’ve been doing other stuff.  I’ve been working on the blog.  I’ve been typing up posts for future publishing.  I’ve been editing photos and planning ahead.  I’ve been writing other articles.

I even realised that it’s been over two months since we returned from Disneyland Paris and I still haven’t told you all about it.

So as that is another notch on the procrastination post.  Only that is one I can deal with.

By next week my oven will still probably need cleaning.  The drawers will still need re-arranging and the clothes will still need sorting.  You’d do well to stay away from my kitchen cupboards too.

But one thing I promise you.

I will bring you Disneyland Paris.

And in return you can work through my to-do list for me.


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