We were asked for the first time when our baby was due on Sunday.  A lady sitting behind us asked the question as soon as mass was over in church.  She was stunned when we told her that we were expecting “babies” and not “baby” and we still had a very long time to go as I was only 14 weeks.  I expect that reaction is going to be quite normal. 
“Are you going to have to get a bigger car?” she asked, smiling.
“No, we have a minibus!” 
“How many seats?” she laughingly asked, “Fifteen?!”  

She thought she was making a joke, I think.
“Um, it’s a 17 seater actually!” we laughed back.  
Mike and I were still laughing at her reaction when we got home.  We can see why people are in awe of large families.  We can understand their reactions when they realise that not only are you expecting number ten, you’re also expecting number eleven at the same time.  We can understand the laughter and the shock because we still don’t know how we got here ourselves! (And  no, I’m not referring to how babies are made.  You know what I mean, I’m sure).
Do you have a large family?  Did you ever think you would?  Or did you have a number in mind and if so, did you reach it (or surpass it!).

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10 thoughts on “Rumbled!

  1. Once upon a time, before I had children, I said I would have four or none. Once reality hit, including the reality that the Dad has a say too, I stopped at 2 children. We all have crazy aspects which multiply at scary rates. Yours is children and mine is mess. And possibly gardens, though I've slowed up on new garden spaces in the last year.
    Sandra xxx.

  2. I always wanted a large family. I am an only child, so I dreamed of having a large family. When I was a little girl I had a baby name book and I wrote down my children's ages and next to them I would choose their name. I had 10 or more children lol. Right now I have 4 daughters and trying to convince hubby for another 😉
    Congrats on the twins, I always wanted a pair lol

  3. As a child I loved stories about large families, Cheaper By the Dozen, was my favorite book. So I knew I wanted a lot of kids, maybe 4, HA! Now we're expecting number ten. I didn't really plan on a certain number it just kind of "happened" so I know just what you mean. I had two boys and thought wouldn't it be great to have a girl so we did. And then because I got my first two boys when they were 4 and 5 years old I thought wouldn't it be nice to have a baby boy, so we did. And then I thought wouldn't it be nice to have a sister for our
    daughter, so we did and so on and so on. Ten kinda snuck up on us, LOL:)

  4. We are up to 8. We think we can handle one more pregnancy. For some reason that seems to be the hard part for us. We both wanted a big family. We both grew up in big families too, and it is just so fun. I wouldn't have wanted anything else.

  5. I don't think my four count as a "big" family in your vicinity Tania – it's funny though, as plenty of people seem to think it is a larger family, but I'm amused that I have a number of my friends who've also ended up with four!
    My mum said "have 2 or 4, but not 3" – she's the eldest of 3 and warned me against the "middle child" syndrome! We had 2 boys and I kinda knew I wanted more kids, so when hubby suggested having a 3rd, I think that implied there'd be a 4th one day – OK, it was 6 years, and not for conception reasons, but we got there and added daughter to three sons. I feel totally "right" now – not in the slightest wishing to have more, I'm done! Good job really, as my body is done too 🙁 I had a section with 3 (Mr. Massive, breech, 42 weeks) and when I had an elective section for last one, the surgeon had to take a rather long time putting me back together and told me (with suitable concerned expression) that I must have had an infection after the 1st section and that things weren't to great in there, etc. and she's struggled a bit … so no way I'd want to do it all again I'm afraid.
    Four is cool for us. Feels funny though as my bro' and hubby's bro' each had one. In my bro's case, that was almost 16 years ago and no intention of another, and in other bro's case, it was this year but my sis-in-law would never ever go through it again, nor cope with more than one kid – she nearly died when I mentioned that you have so many and more to come!
    Sorry – got waffling!

  6. Congrats on twins!!! I have an age in mind. 35. However many God gives us before I turn 35…I'm 31 now and pregnant with #7 (we have 2 in process of adopting). How DO you know when your done anyways???

  7. I have four but would love more……Although they drive me crazy, I can't think of anything else I would rather be doing. I grew up an only child and I HATED it! It was very lonely. Giving your children siblings is the greatest gift.

  8. We have 7..and I am 'done'..I knew when I was pregnant with Mr7…Before I had him I always felt that someone was missing from our know?, I'd be in the supermarket and count heads and I'd get to 7 and go..oh thats right I only have 6, we had our 7th..and we are now 'complete'..

  9. I just came across you via BlogHer today!

    I have one daughter, and I'm afraid I cannot mentally handle another child. She is a wonderful, happy baby but I just don't feel good enough to cope with the stress and lifestyle change a second time. Which is sad, because I really don't want her to be an only child. Babies are just so hard! I don'tk now how people have more than one.

  10. I had two, a pigeon pair, but I never felt like I was 'done'. My then-husband said he was done unless I could give him a good reason, which I couldn't. We split up, and I got together with my now-husband and he had 2 kids as well, so then there were 4. I still didn't feel like I was done, and so we decided to have just one more who was everybody's brother or sister. Lo and behold, twins! Now I'm done!

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