Morning sickness and pregnancy tiredness. I’ve found the answer.

I managed to get a few more things done this week but not nearly as much as I needed or wanted to. I have so many plans of things I want to do and so many everyday things that I don’t necessarily want to do but still need to be done. My lack of motivation, morning sickness and first trimester tiredness is fuelling my natural tendency to veer toward doing as little as possible at the moment. I’ll let you know what my excuse is for my continuing laziness once the pregnancy is over at a later time.

I therefore have decided to delegate jobs. You’ll find that children are more willing to do work the younger they are. As they grow older, their diligence dwindles.

At a year old they are able to take on the responsibility of sweeping the garden.

Oliver doesn’t recall seeing Alan Titchmarsh doing his own sweeping.

Sort of.

There was still the matter of dinner to deal with.  When you have a willing three year old ready to take over then all becomes well with the world.

If Jamie Oliver ever needs some advice, he can write to Paddy at the PO Box address on the right or email. 

Or at least all would be well with the world if we could finally convince the almost-seven-month-old to clean the kitchen up afterwards.
Joseph prefers watching everyone else working and laughing at them while he sits comfily in his chair.

And if, Jamie Oliver you are watching this and wanting to learn how to prepare foil-baked salmon, then this is for you!


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3 thoughts on “Morning sickness and pregnancy tiredness. I’ve found the answer.

  1. That video was precious! How old is he? Pretty smart kiddo! Send him over to me, please, I don't like to cook! LOL!

    God Bless,

  2. Wonderful video! And I'm quite sure you're pregnancy symptoms are AT LEAST DOUBLE when you're carrying twins…. so relax! Your life will get back to normal in……. well, who are we kidding?! Hang in there 😀

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