Monday Weigh-In (Free Skinny Me): Weeks 17 & 18

Monday Weigh-In

Oh dear.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

There was no “Skinny Me” update last week as went went on holiday to Disneyland Paris. Yes, we had a great time, but oh dear.

Obviously, holidays and diets don’t mix.

I gained 4½lbs.

I was hoping that I’d have kept the damage to a minimum what with all the walking we did every day. I dread to think what the scales would have read if it had been a lazing around on the beach type holiday. Which, of course, is highly unlikely when you have a bunch of small people.

I should be back in the saddle now, but I’m finding it hard. I can’t exercise at the moment so it all relies on me eating healthily. I am so annoyed with myself.


I must, I must, I must get back to it.

My report for this week is as follows:

Starting weight: 13st 1 (or 183lbs)

Week 16 results: Gained 4½ lbs

Current weight: 11st 10lbs (164lbs)

Total loss to date: 1st 5lbs (or 19lbs)

Amount to lose before freeing Skinny Me: 2st 13lbs (or 41lbs)

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