Grow with me

No, it’s not “Monday Weigh-In: Free Skinny Me” in reverse. Although it could be given how little exercise I’ve managed to do this week.

Long-time readers of this blog might remember my post from a hundred years ago about how we had finally got to the top of the allotment waiting list for a patch of land to grow our own food on. We were so excited! So excited, in fact, that we ended up doing… nothing.

I think we went a handful of times over the course of last year. We just couldn’t get the groundwork done. I was pregnant, time for us was limited and Mike had to depend on borrowing a friend’s rotovator to get everything dug up. By the time we’d get around to going back, everything had grown again.

We got told off by the Parish Council, rightfully so. We were graciously given one more chance. Not that we deserved it but, realising how lucky we were to get it we have decided we’d be stupid to lose the plot. (Our allotment plot. Not our minds. There’s no hope for the latter. They went ages ago).

By winter the plot was terribly, terribly overgrown.

See?  That’s approximately 55 by 16 feet of overgrown, knee-high, ummm, growth.

That’s a lot of back breaking work as it is.  To know you have that much back-breaking work in the relatively small amount of time you have to get it done in makes you feel … not very optimistic.

It was Mike’s birthday in January and he didn’t know what he wanted so we decided to invest in a rotovator of his very own.

It arrived.  Mike donned his flat cap.  The allotment then looked like this…

Not bad at all!

The first step was to make a start.  One step at a time, eh?

5 thoughts on “Grow with me

  1. yes, and a few vege's at a time or you will become overwhelmed. The trick is to weed a little everyday…good luck! I can't wait till it gets nicer here to start my garden again!!!

  2. A perfect time to bond together with the kids. It's fun to teach our children how to plant and water the plants. Such a rewarding experience for them to see the smile on their face when its time to harvest.


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