Explicit sex education for 5 year olds? Politicians – back away from my children… NOW!

It’s been over three years since we made the decision homeschool our children.  For the most part it’s been enjoyable.  Not having to do school runs in inclement weather is great, as is not having to get everyone out of the door by a certain time every morning.  It’s not always easy, but it’s definitely worth it and we know we would never want our children educated any other way.
Our decision to homeschool originally stemmed from realising what a hold the government has over our children’s learning and this week homeschooling has never looked so good.  Let me tell you, if we weren’t already doing it we’d be pulling the kids out of school pretty sharp now.

It wasn’t a complete shock when we heard that they want schools to teach sex education to five year olds.  After all, I don’t know that there’s any level of our lives, including our children, that they don’t want to control.  The material that has been approved, however, is completely shocking.  (You may want to make sure there are no children sitting near you when you click over to this link). 

My almost four, five and six year olds don’t even know the word “sex”.  They shouldn’t know what sex is.  They are four, five and six for goodness sakes.  My eight year old doesn’t need to know and my eleven year old doesn’t need to know too much either.
If the younger ones don’t even know the word, they don’t need to learn the words “masturbation”, “homosexuality”, or “prostitute” and they do not need to know the definitions, explained, very thoughtfully, in age appropriate language. 
How long before the powers that be want to back the theory up with some practical lessons?  A sick joke?  It ought to be, but not one I’m making without thinking that some day it may possibly happen.  This is not an area of education that the government has any right in interfering with.  It’s none of their business and, to be honest, it’s extremely disturbing.

Children should not know these things.  In my mind, I can’t distinguish the difference between educating five year olds in matters of sex or grooming them.  I just can’t.  Because you can’t do it. Where is the line?  How is it different to a paedophile in an internet chatroom telling your child what’s “good” and “nice”?  It’s no different.  It’s just legal.

My children are to be children.  They need to learn their A,B,C’s and their 1,2,3’s.  (The government might want to take a look at keeping the focus on these subjects themselves in schools, given the endlessly moving boundaries which are dumbing down the exam pass marks because the kids now just aren’t getting the proper education in the things that matter).
My children need to be listening to stories like the Princess and the Pea, or the Very Hungry Caterpillar, not looking at cartoons of different sexual positions.
They like dot-to-dots which make pictures of tractors or dolphins.  They don’t need to know what an orgasm is or how it feels.
It’s not enough to say that parents can”opt-out” of their children participating in these classes.  There is no such thing as “opting out”.  Once parents walk back out through those school gates they are giving you permission to teach whatever you like, because that’s what the politicians know best.  And even if the kids get to sit in a separate classroom while the lesson is being taught to their peers, how long after their classmates skip out is it before the stories are being passed along?

I am frighteningly worried at the apathy in this country.  For so long people have been told what to think, what to do, that I fear many parents will not take a stand.  If we continue to allow the government to take control of our families, even in circumstances like this, where will it end?  Slowly but increasingly our parental rights are being eroded.  Being given the option to “opt-out” doesn’t make it alright.  For goodness sakes take back your children and make a stand on their behalf.

Explicit sex education for five year olds is un-needed, unwanted and unnecessary.  

Why can’t we just let children be children?

Why do we need to take their innocence away so soon?

The bottom line isn’t even that they are too young to know these things, even though they are.
It isn’t that they don’t need to know these things yet, even though they don’t.
The botton line is that my children are my children

I am their mother.  My husband is their father.
It is up to the two of us what they learn and when they learn it.  
No politician has any right to take that decision. It doesn’t matter how much they emphasise that they’ll give us the choice of “opting out”. We will never “opt out” of being a parent.  Not for five seconds, five minutes, five hours or however long you want to take over the job. 
This is our family and not yours.  Mine and my husband’sYou are here to serve us.  You can’t serve us until you listen to us.  This is what we are saying.  I suggest you listen clearly.
You do not have the right to teach them anything we don’t want them to be taught.  You do not have a higher authority over them than we do. You do not have the authority over us or our family. You might want to.  You might try to.  You might even give the impression you do.  But you don’t.
Back away from my children… NOW. 

And I hope many, many other parents here in the UK will be telling you the same.  

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7 thoughts on “Explicit sex education for 5 year olds? Politicians – back away from my children… NOW!

  1. I completely agree that young children should not be exposed to this type of education. They have no need for this information and have no idea how to properly assimilate it if they have it.
    On the other side, as we have our children in public school, I am always curious which schools are actually using this curriculum as ours isn't (and I do not know of any schools in the tri-state area that would even consider such a thing.)Granted we are blessed to live in a very conservative area and "sex-education" is handled very well, age appropriately, and with an emphasis on abstanance at the high school level.
    There are good public schools out there and largely because the parents in the community have kept them accountable–they are there to serve the community not the other way around.
    Keep up the God work.

  2. This is in the UK, Lori. Agree what you say about the parents in the community keeping public schools accountable. Unfortunately, it seems that parents here are happy to go along with what they're told instead of questioning it or challenging what they don't believe in.

  3. If schools stuck to teaching writing, history, math and science then my kids would be in public school today. Of course, they do not and we see how public education has gone downhill in the past 30 years despite HUGE amounts of money being shoveled into the system. The problem isn't money,or even having better teachers. In the early 1900's we had 16 year olds teaching in one room schoolhouses and America started on a road toward the highest literacy levels in history. The issues are WHAT we are trying to teach in school that we should be leaving at home and that we are sending children to school unable to take instruction in the basics because they have not learned to respect or listen to adults. Oops, You got me started on my public education bandwagon!

  4. I used to swear black and blue that I'd never homeschool my children, I don't feel that i have the patience and I really want them to hang out with their peers, and I really like them out the door so I can get things done!
    However…… I am increasingly concerned with what they ARE learning and with what they AREN'T learning at school.
    Just this morning, my husband said we should look at it for next year, but I'm now thinking we should begin asap!
    The world is sinking fast, and I don't want the kids to have to grow up too quickly. I am only concerned about the younger ages at this time, our high schools seem to be doing ok and the kids are old enough to process the things we know are worldly. They come home and talk about issues and learn the difference between God's ways and the world's ways.
    I do think it cannot remain as a suitable environment for too much longer, but I hope to get at least a couple more through before pulling the plug on that lot too.
    It really concerns me about how much unsuitable information is fed to such young children, and i don't think I can sit back any longer.

    Isn't it interesting that when God prods you about an important issue, it comes up repeatedly? I am so glad you wrote this today. School in Australia is not so different to the UK, apparently.

  5. In Ontario,Canada; our premier tried to put a sex ed bill forth that would have included gay and transgender people coming into the classrooms of primary kids and talking about their lifestyles as well as stuff about oral sex etc in the primary years. I yi yi! Anyway there was such an uproar (gee they sure didn't think that through and it came to light that the premiere didn't even read it!!) so that just kind of deflated it and we haven't heard anything since. And since there's a provincial election in the fall; I so don't think it's going to be discussed! lol.

  6. I know I'm a little late to the party here but I feel the need to speak up as I do tend to agree with the need for sex and relationships education for children. If the source of your facts (and subsequent outrage) is the Daily Mail then I fear there can be no helpful debate here. Personally I have more faith in the people who teach in our schools and work in education to make appropriate choices about learning material than I do the Daily Mail to report in an unbiased manner.

  7. I really like your blog, I completely agree with you, kids should be kids and to say at such a young age kids need to be taught about sex let alone the way in which the government want to teach it, is sick in my opinion..The poor excuse of teenage pregnancy for implementing such a rule is also brainwashing tactics by the government and it is astounding how many people can actually relate and agree to that to teaching 5 year old about sex. Surly what they are trying to do is nothing short of grooming and sexualizing young kids which begs the question WHY.. I really don't know how exposing young children to sex prevents teenage pregnancy..It is already well known early sexual promiscuity comes from exposer to sex. People on a daily basis are already been subjected to all manner of things including sex through subliminal techniques via tv, films, cartoons, advertising to mention a few, sexualizing your kids without you even being aware..There is an agenda going on that reaches from the top and all the way down,,people wake up!!!

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