What makes a child happy?

The children are happy today and it’s not even lunch time yet.

So far they’ve helped bake a loaf of Flowerpot Soda Bread and helped prepare two more plain loaves. They’ve carried out an experiment to make crystals and they’re currently drawing, colouring, cutting and writing up posters explaining what they’ve done.

Later on they’ll help clear up after lunch and then we’ll probably set the kitchen table up so that we can sow some vegetable seeds in trays. Daddy will tell them what he learnt this morning on his bee-keeping course and they’ll probably hover around while I make dinner too.

Why are they happy?

Because today is Saturday and they don’t have to do any lessons and learn anything.

If only they realised!

2 thoughts on “What makes a child happy?

  1. Sounds like a great non-school day. hehe
    I love it when my kids are learning but they don't realise it. Then they wonder why mommy is letting them do all this fun stuff.

    Glad they had a fun day!

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