Snowed under


I am still here.

You might notice I haven’t updated on Free Skinny-Me lately.  Skinny-Me will have a wait a while longer.  I have been informed by a reliable source that it is, in fact, illegal to diet over the Christmas period.  Wanting to be a law abiding citizen I have taken stock of this newfound information and gorged on three mince pies already this morning. 

I feel a weight gain approaching. 

However, I prefer to look at it as presenting those of you with an opportunity to join me in the New Year.  Who’s in?

In the meantime let’s all eat, drink and be merry.

Snow has fallen.  And fallen.  And fallen.  This country cannot cope with snow.  It also cannot cope with rain, wind or sun it seems.  If it’s warm we have hosepipe bans because we are threatened with a water shortage.  If it’s snowing everything comes to a standstill.  Our Close is not the exception.  When snow settles our little Close that sits on a slope ices over and it becomes too risky to take the minibus off the drive without the chance of it doing an automobile version of the Bolero that Torville and Dean would be proud of.  So we stay in.

This means that we’ve missed Sunday Mass three out of four times.  I’m hoping the snow will clear enough by Christmas Eve for two reasons.  Firstly, because Stephanie is meant to be visiting us and if it snows there’s a risk the trains will be affected.  Secondly, because we want to attend the service at our Church, where Caitlin will be playing the role of Mary and our little Joseph will be taking the part of baby Jesus.  They had to miss rehearsal last week due to the snow and so all the kids will be winging it.  I’m sure it will be lovely.

Christmas is almost sorted.  The food delivery was cancelled without informing me yesterday and I’m still waiting on several gifts that should have arrived by now.  Things that were supposed to have been sent out by next day recorded delivery last week still haven’t arrived and I’m worried that some of the children (and a husband) will be missing some gifts.  I was very stressed out yesterday.  I don’t like spanners being thrown in the works when I try really hard to keep on top of things but sometimes things just aren’t in our control.  I suspect I may be a bit of a control freak, or rather, I like to know that I’ve got things sorted as they should be. 

And yes, I make spreadsheets on Excel too.

Anyway, this is making its way around Facebook at the moment.  Enjoy!

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