The bets are on!

15 days to go.

We thought it would be fun to write down our predictions for the new baby. Of course, the date of birth would not be included, but we thought we’d take guesses for gender, weight and length.

So far our guesses are as follow:

Daddy:     Girl   –   7lb 2oz   –     57cm
Mummy:   Boy  –   7lb 4oz    –    52cm
Harry:       Boy   –   7lb 0oz    –   56cm
Eddie:       Boy   –   8lb 9oz   –    45cm
Sid:           Boy   –   7lb 10oz  –   53cm
Paddy:      Girl and Boy  – Yes –  I farted
Caitlin:       Boy   –    8lb 3oz   –   47cm
Stephanie:  Boy  –    7lb 10oz  –  42cm
As you can see only one person thinks it’s a girl.  Paddy prefers to sit on the fence it seems.  As for his other answers, well…
Fancy joining in?  Leave a comment below or email me at with your guesses and I’ll add you to the list.  It’ll be fun to see if anyone gets it perfectly right!

4 thoughts on “The bets are on!

  1. PMSL at Daddy's suggestions – erm, Jerome was enormous at 56cm and 10lb10oz – the idea of a 57cm baby is shocking enough, but one that length and 7lb2oz – it'd be spaghetti! Mind you, a 42cm 7lb10oz would be a bit the opposite extreme, so you've got the options covered there for shape!
    I'm going for girl, 7lb8oz and 52cm – I have NO idea about length and weight of your previous babies, so this is a total guess!

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