The fastest pregnancy ever

We’re in the last couple of weeks of what I keep referring to as the fastest pregnancy ever. Hence the title of this post.

It doesn’t seem like I’ve had time to grow a baby, I don’t know where this year has gone let alone going through an entire pregnancy. It’s been nice that we’ve been able to not worry this time around, unlike the last time with Oliver. Perhaps that’s been the difference? Being able to take it for granted rather than worrying and stressing over the what ifs and whys?

Tomorrow I have my appointment with the consultant to discuss our decision on having an elective caesarean, given that the last two ended up as emergencies. I’d originally asked about a trial of labour, but said I would think about an elective c-section. Mike and I have discussed it and made the decision that we will go ahead with it. By this time tomorrow we should know our pre-arranged birth date for our baby. It should fall some time next week or the week after at most. How close is that?!

My hospital bag is still not packed. I have washed the itty bitty baby sized cloth nappies and got them packed up and ready to take though. I’ll probably have the push to get the rest done after I’ve seen the consultant. Having an actual date is bound to make it more real and kick me out of my laziness and ongoing procrastination from things that still need to be done.

Yes, this pregnancy has gone extremely quickly. It feels as though I have had a big, heavy belly plonked onto me overnight. The discomfort and heaviness suddenly making itself known. The practice contractions have been kicking in with a vengeance the last couple of weeks. The last two nights have been particularly sleepless. But it’s all good.

All I seem to be saying is “I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone!”.

I also can’t believe how the nesting instinct has managed to evade me yet again.

Perhaps next time.


7 thoughts on “The fastest pregnancy ever

  1. Lol! I came over when I saw this title thinking, "Dang! She's had that baby already!" But I agree with you. The time since you announced your pregnancy to now really has flown by!

  2. No matter how uncomfortable I was, I was equally excited to meet this new little person face-to-face. Are the kiddos excited as well?

  3. Know exactly what you mean. I only have four weeks to go in pregnancy #9 and often wonder where the time went. Apparently keeping up with eight other kids offers many distractions not to mention the gorgeous summer we had with many days spent at the pool. Ahh how time flies then.
    Hope all goes well.

  4. Oh yes Patty, they're everso excited! Even more so now that we have our date. Lori, good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and birth too. You might have a thing there about eight other children offering a distraction lol!

  5. That is how I felt with #1. He was 7 last Sunday so when I was pregnant with him it all started in January and I thought September was oodles of months away, 3/4 of the yr to be precise! But it went faster than I ahve ever known a year to go!

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