35 weeks

Today I am 35 weeks pregnant and for the life of me I couldn’t tell you where the time has gone. I think this has been the fastest pregnancy ever. Isn’t it a sign of old age when time goes by faster? If it’s going this fast now in my mid thirties, what’s it going to be like in another thirty years? Faster than Concorde? Then again, not many in thirty years will even remember Concorde.

With five weeks until the due date, (well, actually 12 days until we know the date I’m booked in for the elective c-section, probably in three weeks or so), I have only this week begun to get things in order for the baby’s arrival. I’ve only just this morning got the tiny clothes out of storage and sorted through them. I’ve pulled out enough items to pack up for hospital and half fill the two drawers I’ve cleared out for the new one. I haven’t taken out everything because for one thing we don’t have enough storage and we can take out the rest of the blue outfits once a boy’s arrival has been confirmed. A few blue and a heap of neutral and white clothes, tinier than tiny can be or so it seems. No pink stuff. Caitlin is our youngest girl and she’s just turned eleven. We don’t have any of her stuff at all.

Mike asked what we’d do if it’s a girl. Don’t worry was my reply. His cousin, Karen, has been holding onto her daughter’s clothes for us. Being six weeks older than Eddie, Amy’s clothes have been on standby for the last four babies which have arrived since her birth. All turned out to be boys. Karen and Caitlin are still hopeful for us to have a girl. Everyone elses money is firmly on another boy. So now we’re waiting to see if our newest addition is going to be the first girl in over a decade or the sixth boy in seven years.

2 thoughts on “35 weeks

  1. I am so excited for you. I can not wait to hear more about this precious blessing. We knew our last one would be a boy but it was another girl. We have girl clothes but if I ever have another boy (the last one was almost 14 years ago) I would have to go shopping

  2. Good Luck hun, I got my csection date two weeks ago, October 21st. But neither the Dr. or I think I will go that long, We are hoping for atleast 3 weeks like the others. I so agree with you on how my pregnancy too this time has gone by soooo darn fast. I do chalk it up to old age lol (40 in Feb.) Goooood Luck again. Michelle

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