And breeeeeeath….

Oliver was finally taken into theatre at 3.30 yesterday afternoon. He hadn’t eaten since the evening before and hadn’t had any water to drink since 11am, despite the warmth of the day. He must have been so hungry, thirsty and wondering what on earth was going on.

I think it may have possibly been the longest day ever waiting to hear from Mike. And that was with the others to keep me busy. The day must have seemed far longer for poor hubby. Although it was hard being away from my baby, I definitely got the easy side of the deal.

We finally got a text from Mike at around 6.30pm to say that Oliver was out of theatre and recovery and on the ward, albeit rather groggy. Hopefully he’ll manage to stay awake long enough to eat or, more importantly, drink something soon before sleeping the rest of the anaesthetic off.

It’s never a nice thing to see your children going through something like this. All day I’ve turned my thoughts to those parents for whom operations and appointments and medication is a regular thing to watch their child deal with.

We’re very lucky. We’ve been blessed with healthy children and, thankfully, no real problems or emergencies to deal with. Today, my thoughts and prayers are with those who aren’t so lucky.

3 thoughts on “And breeeeeeath….

  1. I'm glad your baby has made it through and in full recovery now.:-) You have such a cute little baby.:-)

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