The PERFECT trip

I’m not a partygoer.

I’m not a big drinker. I may have a tipple once or twice a year but not very often at all. Unless cooking with alcohol counts, in which case I may have a problem and need to sign up with AA. Otherwise, not really.

I’m a homebody.

I like knowing where I am, who I’m with and being comfortable.

I’m a long way from who I was ten or twenty years ago.

I like it.

My two favourite things are chocolate and quilting. Actually, if you know me, you’ll know I have three favourite things. Chocolate, quilting and ice cream. I can always be easily bribed with anything to do with any of those three things.

Try it.

Go on!

Yesterday I booked a little getaway for the family. What went from originally being a trip for me and Caitlin has now turned into a family affair.

And boy oh boy am I looking forward to it!

Because our little two day trip is going to be made up of a visit to the Festival of Quilts follwed by a day at Cadbury World!

As Fred Astaire sang, “Heaven, I’m in heaven….!”

Oh my goodness me, I’m so excited!

A day at the largest quilt festival in Europe and a day surrounded by chocolate!

Do you think I’m sad and boring?

Actually, don’t answer that.

Do you want to come along with me?

If you send me chocolate, ice cream or fabric (especially this one… or this one… or some of this) I’ll take you along with me. Well, I’ll take my camera and laptop.

And I’ll blog about it.

And show you chocolate.

And quilts.

But now I feel some product research needing to be done.

6 thoughts on “The PERFECT trip

  1. That sounds like total bliss to me! Wish I could come in your suitcase!!! Take lots of pics of those quilts please as I love quilting too and would be delighted to see them (if you are allowed to photograph of course!).
    Collette xxxx

  2. I think I have chocolate ie cream in the freezer. Do I get 2 points if I share?
    It would be nest to see all those quilts. I sew but have only made 1 little pitiful excuse for a quilt.
    I do love quilts and hope to someday have the time and energy to make a decent one.

    Have a great time!! Sounds like a great trip for the family.


  3. Now all I can think about is chocolate. I don't know how to quilt or even sew so I can't relate there, but I think all women can relate to chocolate :). I do wish I had learned to sew. It would be a great thing to know and share with the world!

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