Is it bloggable?

Things have been a little crazy and busy around here lately. Crazy and busy to the point where even blogging has slowed down considerably. But honestly, it’s not just the crazy and busy-ness, not if I’m completely honest. Lately, I feel I have nothing to say.


When I’m busy about my day thoughts normally come to me about things to write about. It might be a funny (to me) story, an issue on my mind or a general nonsensical post about something… well, nonsensical.

But lately it’s as if there’s nothing. There’s a blog post drought because I have nothing I feel is worth people’s time to read.

Ah, the pressure!

I need some inspiration.

What is bloggable?

What would you want to read about?

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Help me out here!

I’ve been too quiet lately.

And that’s just not right.

3 thoughts on “Is it bloggable?

  1. I wasn't blogging when I was pregnant, but I do know my mind went blank for a few weeks in the middle of it all. So no worries, you will be back

  2. Tania, the best blogs are on a whim! When you churn something over in your mind, chew on it's every aspect and then spit it out on to the page! Even it it doesn't happen as often as you like, it's bonkerstastic when it does!!

  3. how to get motivated again, i am feeling so lazy, how to motivate my kids to finish up the school year, how to make a apron, how to convince someone to deliver food to my house, how to wake up to a spotless house.

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