Baby scans, chocolate and nervousness.


It’s the all round solution to everything.


We have our first “official” baby scan today. To know if everything is as it should be. To find out if baby is happy and healthy in there.

I’m really, really nervous.

And worried.

Do you think that’s a valid enough reason to turn to a chocolate bar?

Or that it matters that it’s only 5.42am?

8 thoughts on “Baby scans, chocolate and nervousness.

  1. Heck nooooooooo, hahahaha. I got up the other morning at 3am and saw the peanut mms and grabbed some. Of course I got up at 1am the other morning craving tacos and mounds bars. Now in my defense I don't remember doing that when not pregnant but oh well!!! Good luck today with the scan, I will be thinking of you!!! Michelle

  2. Enjoy your chocolate, and have one for me too. I can't eat it anymore due to migraines. Hope all goes well with your babyscan.

  3. Wishing you the best at your baby scan. Maybe you'll get a peek at all the little toes and fingers.
    Are you far enough along to see that? I couldn't remember how far along you are.
    Eat one and enjoy a bite for me too, please!

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