Pregnancy Round-Up

Week 11

As the end of the first trimester is gradually edging closer I’m beginning to experience far less anxiety than the first few weeks bring.

I still worry, of course. I mean, do you ever stop worrying when you are pregnant? I suppose I didn’t when I was younger, and pregnant the first time or two. Back then, nothing had gone wrong for me and there was no internet (Oh goodness, really?! How did we survive?!!) to read about other people’s experiences and tragic loss, so really, it was quite sheltered and a line on the pregnancy test meant a baby a few months later. I suppose that as you live life you learn more about it. You become less naive and more aware. That makes you worry more. And sometimes you get frightened.

This period of pregnancy always gets me. Less nausea, which does do the job of reassuring me all is well even if it’s unpleasant to experience. The tiredness is wearing off to the point that I was able to stay up past 9pm twice this week. Oh yes, watch me go! I am the party animal. Zzzzzzz…………

So it’s sounding good, no? Well, no actually. I need constant reassurance that everything is going as it should be but this point of pregnancy is too early to feel any movement at all or to pick up a heartbeat with a dopper. Yes, I bought one back when I was pregnant with Eddie.

Does it pick up the heartbeat clearly? Oh yes.

Does it provide the reassurance I crave? Yes, yes and yes again.

Was it worth every penny? Definitely.

Can I wait to use it again? Absolutely not.

The fact we can now buy dopplers for ourselves is great but can you imagine being able to do your own sonogram?! Imagine having one of them in the cupboard under the stairs, wheeling it out after a meal with friends. It would be like making them sit through your holiday slideshow, only instead they’ll be viewing your insides. Hehe, looking forward to the day domestic sono machine thingy’s come onto the market.

In the meantime we have to wait another twelve days before getting our first “official” scan to check all is well. I get so nervous and so worried. Especially after the worries when I was pregnant with Oliver.

I don’t yet look pregnant but feel as if my stomach may be firming up a little now. Of course it could be down to the abdominal workout I do twice a day. It’s more likely that it’s pregnancy related though. Seeing as I just lied and don’t actually do an ab workout twice a day. Or even twice a year. So yes, we’ll put it down to pregnancy. Or imagination. One of the two will cover it.

So that’s about it from me for this week! I’ll update you again next week, unless something really important happens like I find out up having quintuplets or something in which case I might create a special post to let you know. It would depend on how I’m feeling and how I handle the shock, you know?

Are you currently pregnant and blogging about it? If so why don’t you join in? Whether it’s your first or your twentieth I’d love to follow your journey. You don’t have to write your Pregnancy Round-Up post on a Wednesday, just link up each week to your round-up post of the week whenever you’ve put it up. Please do mention within your post that it’s part of the Pregnancy Round-Up posts at Larger Family Life so others can join in if they wish. If you’re in, link up to your post (not your main website page) below!

2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Round-Up

  1. Great job tania sounds like it is going well. I have been told that the more sick you are during the first part of pregnancy the stronger the pregnancy and that certainly rang true for me with my last 4. I have never had any problems before with pregnancy so I am probably pretty naive about that still even after 6 and going on 7. I had my sonogram last week, They did an early one as I was a little worried there was more then 1 in there again. We saw the heartbeat already on the monitor and it was very reasurring to see that even for me, So I can't wait to hear after you have had yours. I too am feeling a little less tired but I went with a vitamin regimen I created, I just could not take the tiredness anymore and I cannot take the prenatals. I am starting to feel like me again although still a bit nauseous. Although the Dr. was pretty sure there was only 1 in there ( I was only 7.5 weeks so I would be 9.5 weeks now) I have this suspicion that keeps nagging at me that he missed one hahaha. He said he will do another one if on the next visit he hears more then one heartbeat on the doppler. I am still hoping my suspicions are wrong. I have my set of twins and like the ease of having just one at a time But whatever God gives me I can handle!!!! Anyway Good Luck and again glad to be going about the same time frame as you. Michelle

  2. I have been blessed to have not experienced a loss during pregnancy, but I still worry. You nailed it–the more times we are pregnant, the more things we are aware of that can go wrong. I can't wait to read a post about a healthy scan.

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