Such a tweet!

Oh goodness, yes what a cheesy title indeed.

I never quite got Twitter. Didn’t understand the fuss about it. What is a tweet for goodness sakes? What is the point, even?

But over the last month I’ve well and truly succumbed to our little virtual feathered friend.

I get it! I get what the fuss is about!

Tweeting (that is, writing things in your Twitter account) for followers to read is a way to offload extra stuff that accumulates in your brain therefore allowing you to make room for more important things like, where that odd sock’s partner has disappeared to or what do I finally decide on making for dinner tonight.

It’s a storage area for your brain, if you will.

It doesn’t matter what you tweet about. It doesn’t necessarily have to be interesting or amusing I’ve found. Stuff like “Having a coffee” gets you followers!


Try it!

And if you don’t believe me when I say you don’t have to tweet about anything interesting, just follow me at and see for yourself! 😉

Do you tweet? Love it, hate it or couldn’t-care-less-about-it-because-you-just-want-chocolate?

9 thoughts on “Such a tweet!

  1. Hi Tania, and congratulations! With my last child I bled and bled and we assumed I had miscarried. (I have had miscarriages before, but this time I bled so much I considered going to the ER a few times) I went in for a check-up, and the pregnancy test was still positive, so dr. said to come back in a few weeks. Still positive, so he did a sono…and there was a baby, I was 14+ weeks! I may have lost a twin. Anyway, life IS precious, and I will pray for your tiny little one!

  2. @16blessings'mom – Thank you! It's so worrying when you bleed during pregnancy. If you've had losses before you automatically think the worst. Glad to hear your story had a happy ending too and thank you for your prayers. We appreciate them!

    @ everyone else – keep tweeting!

  3. I tweet and I love it. It is kind of like having a friend around all the time that you can tell the random things that pass through your mind. And ask questions. It is fun!


  4. Love, love, love Twitter! Can't get enough of it. So much so that I just noticed that this comment is being written in tweet-fashion. Incomplete sentences. lol
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I hope you'll come back again some time.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

    Sadly our children are not welcome at Mass. Any noise, a wee peep, and people are turning in their pews and staring. They now have it so that the kids are marched out of Mass at the beginning and kept out until after the homily. They get some kind of "children's church" or what have you. But the message is clear: children are a "distraction" etc etc and must be gotten out of the way. (even though the adults have no problem setting a terrible example by yacking and socializing in the church before and after Mass…) But we aren't sending our kids out. We don't have the right to remove them from the presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

    You have seven children! You are so blessed! I'm not sure if my health will allow us to have any more. Thank God we have at least three but I would love to have seven children!

    God bless! ~Michelle

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