Because nothing says "I love you" like a pair of chickens

Except perhaps three chickens but like I explained to Michael, “I just don’t think we’ve reached that level of love yet.”

So two new chickens have been ordered for collection at the end of the month. Two new chickens to maintain egg production of our little flock. Two brand new chickens = Mike’s Valentine’s Day gift. Plus a couple of Creme Eggs thrown in. Like the link?  (Eggs, in case you didn’t get it).

I got the much loved handmade cards from a couple of the boys. Who then promptly asked for food. Talk about being guilt tripped into having to feed your offspring.

I also got…

… a Duplo heart. Because who doesn’t love a Duplo heart?  Again from a child wanting food.  I didn’t accept anything more from my children after that. You know, for the sake of the Labour Party’s child obesity policy (like I care about their policies). 
Oooh, controversial!

And what did I get for Valentine’s Day I hear you ask?  Because you have nothing better to do than to wonder what I got for Valentine’s Day, I’m sure. 
You’ll have to wait and see, won’t you?

Just remember that nobody does romance like we do!
Care to take a guess?

7 thoughts on “Because nothing says "I love you" like a pair of chickens

  1. Best title for a post ever! Saw it over at BlogFrog & had to click. Would love to see the homemade cards! They are always the best.

  2. I wish I had room to have some chickens. The thought of lovely fresh eggs in the morning makes my mouth water. Oh and cuddling up with little fluffy, feathery friends would be a bonus too.
    Love the Duplo heart. So sweet.
    Best wishes, Crazy xx

  3. Oh, I would SOOO love to have a flock of chickens. And I love creme eggs. You totally crack me up!!!

    So, I voted for you on top mommy blogs!! You rock!(I know, that's so juvenile, but it's how I feel.LOL.)

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