Monday Weigh-In: Week 33

Thirty three weeks sounds like a terribly long time doesn’t it?  I never thought I’d still be trying to lose weight.

The first couple of months were great going.  I was so positive with being able to lose a couple of pounds or so each week but now it is just so dreadfully slow. I’ve been within this stone bracket for so long it seems.  Every time I get past another stone it makes me happy.  You know, to be able to say a smaller number than I have been.  Especially since I haven’t been this weight for about six years.  But oh my, the next digit down is a long time coming.

Still, on the upside, I’ve managed to lose one pound this week.  It’s a loss, not a gain, so still going in the right direction.  I’m hoping next week might give me a two pound loss, just to give me a bit of a kick.  I suppose though, that as long as I continue to lose something each week I’ll be happy.  Not so much so if I stick, or heaven forbid, gain!

Monday Weigh-In
So here are my stats so far:
Starting weight: 13st 5lbs
Current weight: 10st 5lbs
Loss so far: 42lbs
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