Monday Weigh-In: Week 24

Late again. This is becoming a terrible habit, I see. I know I must try harder but this week has been eventful and not in a good way, so I’ll start my entry by asking for prayers even though I can’t go into details.

Anyway, it’s a gain of a pound which seems about the norm for this time if you look back upon the journey. We’ll blame water retention and not my erratic eating habits of the week.

There was also the big bowl of buttercream icing Stephanie had left over due to misreading the ingredients and making a double amount to that she actually needed. This was lethal for dipping your fingers into each time you opened the fridge door, I can tell you! Yes, dipping our fingers in it. What can I say? We are filthy creatures! But, oh so lovely!

So, anyway, enough about buttercream icing and back to the reason for the post.

Plus 1lb.


2 thoughts on “Monday Weigh-In: Week 24

  1. Well a pound is easily taken off again! These sort of weeks happen eh? What's more important is that you deal with your weeks happenings, that sounds like it needs more of your energy. Whatever is happening, I hope you find a moment or two alone to rest and clear your mind.

    All my thoughts and love your way… x

  2. Thinking of you Tania – You know where I am. I am also back on the diet wagon this week. I lost 3 stone at the end of last year but have put about 1 back on and would like to lose another 2. xx

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