Friday Flashbacks: The Waltons

Sunday mornings were a time to look forward to when I was younger. It was a time to be taken back to bygone days on Walton’s Mountain.

I used to sit there engrossed in the tales of the happy, extended family. I wished I was part of it! Of course, I knew it was only a story because, after all, nobody had seven children, did they?!

Each week had a story with a moral, usually a story that would have me in tears (not very difficult to do), and a lesson learnt for someone and a happy ending. A new fairytale every week.

And how I loved the very end of each episode where the family would say their goodnights.

I’ve tried telling the children all about this programme but I feel my description doesn’t do it justice. Perhaps one day they’ll get to see an episode and then see what the fuss is about. I wonder if they’d love it as much as I did when I was growing up?

Or have kids changed too much now?

Or was I just easily pleased?!

I wonder how many large family parents have memories of growing up with The Waltons in the recesses of their minds?

Ah, yes, you Waltons, you have a lot to answer for!

11 thoughts on “Friday Flashbacks: The Waltons

  1. I loved that show. I actually always refer my childhood to them. We had eight kids and grew up in a home a lot like them. Maybe we should buy the old episodes on DVD, then our children would understand. Maybe.

  2. I think children are so different now. Back then we were more easily pleased. The focus wasn't so much on electronic devices and the instantaneous gratification that our youth now experience. Plus, I think the children of today are much smarter than we were back then. Don't you?

  3. I am under 30 years old, have fond memories of watching the re-runs and wished I could have beeen in a family with that my siblings (for my father also had 6 brothers, him being the oldest) – even though there were four in my family. It also helped cultivate my love for wanting a large family (I've said since I was a youngin' that 12 would be perfect for me – and I'm on my way with 1! hahaha)… I believe, from watching shows (like the Duggars and John and Kate) and reading blogs (like this and others) that large family life hasn't strayed so much from what the Walton's were, it's just taken a 21st century twist. : )

  4. I've never heard of them but growing up in Asia and being a part of a large family, I can totally relate. It's a circus that's for sure.

  5. I loved the Waltons on a Sunday. The two went together! Excellent in fact I would watch it again!
    Love Collette xxx

  6. Hello! I happened upon your blog due to the subject of this post… The Waltons! I have had two web-sites for years – one all about Christmas Movies ( and another about The Waltons. (

    What wonderful memories the show brings to so many families! Showing such good faith and family values! It's unfortunate that it is no longer on TV, however, we are blessed they are out on dvd. I have all the seasons listed in my Walton store. (

    God bless you and your large family… what a blessing each one is from the Lord!

    Net Movie Blogger

  7. I Loved the Waltons when I was a girl! It was one of my favorite shows, right up there with Little House on the Prairie! I recently bought a set of Walton's DVDs at Sams Club and look forward to watching them with my children.

    It would do us all well to return to simpler days with loss electronic distractions, more creativity and ingenuity, and closer knit families. Also, the values and lessons from the Waltons are timeless, and with these challenging economic times, our children may soon better understand their frugality.

  8. Just found your blog tonight, and am so enjoying reading it.

    I, too, grew up with the Waltons and thought often about how wonderful it would be to have a large, happy family. (my family was neither large, no happy). I dreamed of a loving husband and a whole lot of kids (like 6 or more).

    I also watched The Brady Bunch and Eight is Enough.

    When my husband and I got married we told everyone we wanted to have 6 children. Everyone told us we would change our minds after we had 1 or 2.

    Yes, we changed our minds. We didn't stop at 6.


    Mama of 13

  9. I'm only 28 and didn't watch "The Waltons" growing up. But I discovered the reruns when I was in college. And I fell in love.

    I now own all 9 seasons on DVD. Currently, I'm about halfway through season 7. In fact, as soon as I get offline, I'm going to turn on an episode.

    I would have loved a Walton's childhood… and someday hope to instill Walton-esque family values in home.

    (found your blog through your comments on Laurel's.)

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