Monday Weigh-In: Week 13

Another pound off this week!

I’m pleased, considering I’m still unable to exercise at all and made (and consequently ate) a huge batch of breakfast muffins over the weekend.

I’m finding myself swinging between two extremes lately.

One moment I’m determined that I’m going to get to my goal. Nothing is going to stop me so bring it on because I can do it. The next moment I wonder if it’s all worth it because it seems like it’s going to take forever and I’m getting nowhere fast. Is this common?

I’ve never been a dieter. I’ve never been one of those girls growing up trying out faddy diet after faddy diet. So this whole dieting concept is new to me really, which shows as if I had made a stand a few years back after having Harry, my fourth child, and then the following three children, I would have got to the weight I was by the time I had Oliver three months ago.

Having said that, I’m pleased with the Weight Watchers plan that I’m following as it really isn’t feeling like I’m dieting at all. The word “diet” seems to conjure up images of deprivation. This isn’t like that at all. I could have anything I wanted if I really wanted it. I’m just able to make more informed decisions because I know how it will affect me simply by working out the Point value of each food. Then I can decided whether 7 points out of my allocated 22 on one chocolate bar is really worth it, when those Points could cover an entire meal and still leave some spare.

My sporting injury (Ha!, who’d have thought I’d say that. It’s a Wii Fit injury, Tania. Come on!) is still with me albeit only slightly now. I’m hobbling and limping less now and can feel a definite improvement. This is almost two weeks later you’ll note. I’ve been out of action nearly as long as I was in it. Not very good.

I’m hoping I can ease back into the exercise by next week. And of course I’ll be wearing my trainers this time!

So, my progress so far is as follows:

Starting weight: 13st 5lbs

Weight to date: 11st 4lbs

Goal: 8st 7lbs (yes, I knocked another stone off my original goal to get back to the weight I once was. *Sigh*, those were the days…)

Weight loss to date: 29lbs

I’d be interested to know if anyone else is currently trying to lose weight too. Are you following any plans and how are you getting on?

5 thoughts on “Monday Weigh-In: Week 13

  1. I'm trying to lose weight. Your weight loss, and your honesty about swinging between two extremes, is interesting and inspiring.

    I am not on any plan. I am just trying to listen to my body and recognise 'real' hunger signals, tell them apart from 'thirsty' signals, and ignore the false hunger signals.

    I am also in the process of gradually switching our family's meals from high meat content to more legumes, more vegetables and more fish.

    It's slow going, but I have lost 5 kilos (about 11 pounds) in 8 weeks so I am encouraged. I will try and implement some regular exercise soon.

  2. Tania, you've done so well! OMG! I stopped dieting for now and started healthy eating my way to being a bit slim. But I think I mentioned that I've had to put losing weight on hold and simply eat healthy. The difference it makes to how you feel is amazing. I felt the same as you, some days being so determined to lose the weight and others suddenly thinking, ahh stuff it! But the time will pass either way, so better to stick to your goals and get there slowly, than to look back one day thinking you could have been there by now. Keep it up!! xx

  3. I gained so much weight with my pregnancy after three years of taking and keeping of a lot of excess pounds. It is so much harder this time. I have actually gained weight post pregnancy. I don't know if it is breast feeding or the fact that I am over 30 now. I have GOT to get things moving because my baby turns 1 on Oct 3 so there is no way I should still be weighing so much:-(
    Good job on your great weight loss!

  4. I'm thinking a lot about losing weight, but sadly not really doing anything right now.

    You're very motivating though. Good luck.

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