Monday Weigh-In: Week 12

Yes I know it’s Tuesday and it’s late. Sorry!

This week was a little eventful. We celebrated Caitlin’s tenth birthday and Ben’s excellent exam results with meals out. Though I decided to enjoy the meals and not count Points I did make sure that I kept to the plan for the rest of the time.

Having said this I was still feeling disheartened after last week and was all too ready for a negative impact on the scales this week .

I continued with the Wii Sports Active too, and also began several Wii Fit activities too including the yoga (oh my balance leaves much to be desired!), hula hooping and my absolute favourite, the step. I am so, completely unco-ordinated lol!

I do wonder if people see me sweating and puffing away through the living room window but I’m so determined to lose this weight that I’m past caring really! Nobody is telling anyone to look into my living room, so for them to do so would be at their own peril!

I was on track and enjoyed setting new challenges to myself, until injury struck. I’m now sitting at the pc with a bandage around one ankle and another sore ankle too. I’ve been limping around for days, but I haven’t sprained or twisted them. I think it’s just from me exercising without wearing appropriate footwear. By the time I dug out my trainers the damage was done. I’ve been in pain for the last four days and getting frustrated that just as I was progressing I feel I’m being set back again.

I’m so frustrated!

So anyway, in case you’ve read this far and been thinking “Get on with the result, woman!”, I’m pleased to report a 2lb loss this week. This brings me to a 2 stone loss in total so far!

My next micro goal is to lose another 2lb to make a total 30lb loss to date.

Can I do it?!

8 thoughts on “Monday Weigh-In: Week 12

  1. Oh, a big congratulations to you on your weight loss. I know what it's like to be sidelined by injuries just when you're doing so well. I hope you feel better soon and keep up the fabulous job.

  2. OMG…It's nice to know that you are really determined..but you shouldn't try that hard!! Hope that your ankle gets well soon! And you start looking like a super model soon too!!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog!


  3. YAY. You lost. Activity is great but I'll tell you a secret. I lost most of my 70 lbs. without doing a bit of exercise. Just occasionally. There was an article in Readers Digest recently called "The Exercise Myth" where it dispelled a lot of ideas that exercise is essential to losing weight. While it helps speed the process a LITTLE, you know as well as I do just how much activity it takes to burn off any amount of food. 2 points after 40 minutes of moderate exercise? I'm not sure it's worth that.

    Anyway, all that to say that it's not essential to exercise and you can do it without.

  4. WHOOOO you go Tania!!!

    Wow 2 stone?!?! That is so awesome, respect girl! I too have been on a weight loss regime and I started Slimming World, really loved it. But…Im off that for the moment and will pick up…ermm later 🙂 (I really do have reasons!)
    Hope your ankle feels better soon, that's no fun at all being damaged 🙁 x

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