Why have I never been to a wedding like this?

I found this on my blog travels and as I’m quite often behind the times when it comes to stuff like this it’s likely you’ve seen it already.

But if not…enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Why have I never been to a wedding like this?

  1. Can I just tell you that I love this video! It seems to be making the rounds and I think it's because it is pure joy and celebration. Love it!

  2. I love this video. I bought the song just because the clip made me feel so happy.
    There goes my perfect record of boycotting rappers who beat their girlfriends. Dang.

    I LOVE the commenter who says "Hope your day will be fabulous!"

    On the day you visited from SITS I was beefing with another blogger about SITSters who visit and comment without reading.

    Sometimes it's not easy. Them times I move on without comment.

    Thanks for coming over and giving the comment love.

    Blog on. (You've got TON of time on your hands. Teehee.)

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