Monday Weigh-In: Week 7

At least, I think it’s week 7.

This week I have stayed the same. It’s not a surprise. Not because I’ve been a complete pig this week as I’ve actually been very good.

Apart from yesterday when I went a little overboard with a bit too much cake.

But the reason for my determined sweet tooth is the special time of the month that we ladies are blessed with. Hence, I prepared myself for the scales to be a little less friendly than they have been recently.

This week I’m expecting the delivery of the Wii Fit. The only problem is that I don’t have a Wii. But Ben does and unless he wants to be grounded for something like creasing his pillow in his sleep he may want to lend it to me on occasion.

Obviously the running around after several small children, and even the older children for whom running around after can often provide just as much of a workout, isn’t enough.

I’m determined to lose this weight!

To add to my determination, we’ve spent a few evenings in the last couple of weeks watching old camcorder tapes from around ten years ago when I was eight and a half stone and thought I was fat.

Oh how much I’d love to be that fat now.

Silly, silly me.

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