Monday Weigh-In: Week 3

Yes, I know it’s Tuesday but thanks to a problem with the drains (don’t ask!) I didn’t get to blog last night.

Anyway, this week I am very happy to report a 3lb loss :-). This now brings my total loss to 13lbs which I’m extremely pleased about. If I manage to lose 3lbs a week it’s almost a stone a month and, apart from stating the obvious as I just have, it would be a good weekly amount to lose in my opinion.

I managed to stick to the plan well again this week. Saturday brought us a visit from the in-laws and so I made a roast for lunch, some pudding as well as a home made coconut cake for the afternoon. Sunday brought us Paddy’s birthday and yet another cake. During the week I managed to keep my appetite satisfied but also managed to hold back some points as I didn’t want to worry about my food intake at the weekend. It turned out that despite everything I still managed to stay within my limits! Great stuff!

One thought on “Monday Weigh-In: Week 3

  1. Well done Tania! We are the same height and a similar weight. I keep finding everything else in my life to be more urgent or more interesting than getting fitter and lighter though.

    Happy birthday to Paddy!

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