Monday Weigh-In: Week 2

Ugh! 1lb back on. How haven’t I lost even though I stuck to the plan?! Well I have my theories actually. Would you like to hear them? No? Here they are anyway:

1. I didn’t realise until a couple of days ago that I should have adjusted my daily points allowance. However, this wouldn’t have made much difference as (and this is where number 2 comes in…)

2. I didn’t actually even use all my points up on most of the days. Perhaps this has had a detrimental effect by knocking off the balance of the scientific gumph I don’t understand which normally makes the plan work (for other people).

3. I didn’t drink enough water. I know I didn’t. I will make a concerted effort to drink more this week.

4. Theory number four is simple. This plan is not going to work. Plain and simple. I’m a sceptic and I don’t think it’s all it’s cut out to be.

5. I had a huge 11lb loss last week. My body is still settling down after having a baby. It’s only been a couple of weeks after all. I shouldn’t be surprised if there are slight fluctuations for another couple of weeks or so. Common sense is trying to prevail. But then I ignore common sense and go back to number four and sulk at my failure. Or the plan’s failure to be more accurate.

So I’m disheartened already and it’s only my second week. I could quite easily take comfort in a chocolate bar or tub of ice cream but as I’ve just got out of the shower the image of my reflection in the mirror is still haunting me to the point where I can see where the last batch of chocolates landed on my thighs and the ice cream landed on my behind.

Still, it’s not yet 8pm. Plenty of time to crack.


Hoping next weeks weigh-in will be better.

2 thoughts on “Monday Weigh-In: Week 2

  1. Tania, Tania, Tania – you just had a baby – you canNOT hope to lose weight on a planned scheme which will have predictable effects at this stage.
    Please email me your real life address as I would like to send you something which might just help – works for me and is a much better attitude to life and food than much of what is around. (nappychick at gmail dot com)
    Don't get down – that's the worst thing to do – I've lost 2kg, but one is trying to sneak back on, and my reaction is to eat Twix – NOT good! Today, I'm gonna use water as an appetite reducer – I need my body to use what it has instead of asking for more fuel! I set myself a target for end of next week, but it's scarcely do-able.
    Come on – chin up – you'll get there – there's an article on the news saying as how new mums should take a year to lose "baby weight" as it's better for the child – must be better for us too really!

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