A couple of weeks ago I had an appointment scheduled with my consultant. This is the consultant who had agreed all along that a VBAC would be preferable. I didn’t get to see the consultant herself but a different doctor (yet again). A doctor I had never seen and who was as unfamiliar with me as I was with her. Not that she wasn’t very nice as she was, but still another different face and different opinion.

Now I’m booked in for an attempt at induction on Friday the 15th May. If it doesn’t work they want to carry out an elective caesarean.

I was induced with the last four due to SPD but even though I have it again this time it’s nowhere near as bad. I said I would prefer any induction to have taken place as near to my due date as possible, but would have gladly been prepared to go a little over my due date. The hospital don’t want me to even go to my due date, let alone past it as the last labour ended up with an emergency c-section (due to Paddy’s heart rate dipping) so they are worried about rupturing not only due to the scar but also due to having “so many” children already.

So, they want to induce me ONLY if they can break my waters, no prostin gel as that can bring on more intense contractions which they want to avoid. That part is fine. I don’t mind being induced but I don’t think my body is ready for it and so they won’t be able to do the ARM. So then they want to do an elective caesarean which is what I absolutely don’t want. Michael and I have agreed that if they can’t carry out the ARM I’ll try to stand my ground on waiting it out at least another week, then go back for another examination to see if it’s any more favourable. I’m just not looking forward to trying to strike a deal with the hospital especially since they’ve said all along, right up until the last appointment, that they’d prefer me to VBAC. That’s the part that’s stressing me out.

Following some research into natural induction methods I have been taking some borage oil capsules for the last week in the hope it’ll encourage my cervix to soften up nicely enough to enable my waters to be broken. I’ve also tried the Black Cohosh tincture but it tastes vile and gives me such awful headaches that I just can’t tolerate it.

So that’s the situation as it stands at the moment and much as I’m trying not to stress over it, I’m not being very successful.

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3 thoughts on “Induction

  1. Cripes, just what you could do without – you’d think they’d credit you with some opinion and sway in what happens, especially as you are such an expert!!
    I had a c-section with DS3, after having gone well overdue and being induced with DS1 and DS2, and being left to 42 weeks with DS3 before they started an induction and finally realised he was massive AND breech!
    Last time round, it was all different as I was here, not in the UK – it was bliss to have a gynae sit there and tell me it was totally up to me what we did – he had a look, said nothing was looking like happening, they couldn’t induce cos of the section (no mention of an ARM) so I opted for the elective at 41 weeks. My decision totally – they’d have left me to 42 weeks if I’d wanted to.
    Sorry, that’s no help to you, but I do know how difficult UK hossies can be in these matters and it does make me cross – I was in a terrible state at the end of that third pregnancy and they handled it all really badly. It spoils things. I’m cross on your behalf that you’re getting this hassle.
    Hope things work out and go smoothly. Will be popping on regularly to check on any news!
    Hugs to all,

  2. You could also try Evening Primrose Oil as it contains GLA (the building blocks of prostoglandin). Capsules can be taken orally or used as a pessary. Thinking of you!

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